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Exiled Kingdoms: NPC
A Forest Road
A Mysterious Letter; A Mad Wizard; Trial and Error

Hey gramps, long time no see. How's that cold, healed up I hope?
― Adaon
You meet Adaon on a forest road somewhere in the Sagar Forest at the beginning of the game. He is later found locked away in The Forsaken's Unknown Dungeon under New Garand, where he may be freed and consequently recruited as a companion.

Starting stats



AC: 2


Speed: 13

DPS: 8.2

Crit: 7% (9-12)



Fire.png Fire Cold.png Cold Shock.png Shock
0 0 0
Death.png Death Toxic.png Toxic Spirit.png Spirit
5 5 2


Strength.png Strength Endurance.png Endurance Agility.png Agility
0 1 2
Intellect.png Intellect Awareness.png Awareness Personality.png Personality
0 1 1




Skill Points
Stab.png Stab 2
Sneak Attack.png Sneak Attack 0
Kick.png Kick 0
Trap Master.png Trap Master 0
Archery.png Archery 0

General Skills

Skill Points
Dungeoneering.png Dungeoneering 0
Gossip.png Gossip 1

Advanced Skills

Skill Points
Assassinate.png Assassinate 0
Flurry.png Flurry 0
Massive Criticals.png Massive Criticals 0
Precision Shots.png Precision Shots 0
Precision Strikes.png Precision Strikes 0
Rapid Fire.png Rapid Fire 0
  • Available Skill Points:

Character Stat Bonuses


0-2 from all physical attack 0 from all projectiles


+2 with hand weapons +1 with 2-handed weapons +3 with light weapons +2 with ranged weapons


20% chance of finding secrets

Disarm Devices

30% chance of disabling traps


20% chance of learning rumours

XP Bonus



Adaon helps you fight a small pack of goblins and a wolf during the initial section of the game. After conversing, he suggests that you both set up camp and rest. During your slumber, he steals all of your belongings, leaving you with just an Iron Dagger and 18 gold coins.

Later on, after tracking him down through a series of quests, the player will find Adaon trapped within a cage in the Unknown Dungeon beneath New Garand (City), captured by The Forsaken, at which point he will ask to be freed. Doing so will earn his favor and allow the player to recruit him as a companion, but he can be left there to himself. Upon escaping with Adaon and entering the New Garand Sewers, he will claim he must leave and will promptly disappear. He can found again for a third time on the western side of the river of New Garand, just near Trader Pink, where he can be recruited as a full time companion.

Adaon is an orphan from the slums of Freeport, he is raised by his uncle, Bagadar and learned from him the tricks to steal for a living.


No known Faction associations





  • Allows the player to trigger the quest A Mad Wizard
  • Triggers the quest, Welcome to the House, by discovering the secret coin slot in the ancient statue (without you needing to pass an Awareness 2 check)
  • Turning off the gas in Irazur Tomb
  • Additional dialogue available when talking with Mallow for the first time, in Nivarian.
  • After reaching 60% in "Disarm Devices", Adaon will automatically try and disarm certain traps. This can be used to farm experience, especially in New Garand Sewers or Irazur Tomb, by maxing out Adaon's disarm chance and using Scroll of Detection.