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    Archaelund (now updated with screenshots and video!)

    Re: About my next game (preliminary info!) Nice! I'll be looking forward for news and images
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    Multiple Main-Companions

    I hope one day mods make it possible. I alreafy completed this game 3 times but shure would do a 4th run if I could use all 3 companions at once.
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    Report *TEXT & TRANSLATION* issues here

    Language: Portuguese Location: Jailers in Unknown Dungeon (file Bestiary/ folder Other) ) Wrong text: somehow 'jailers' is not translated to portuguese, but in EK uploaded files, it's already translated Sugestion: replace 'Jailer' with 'Carcereiro'
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    Why not Amarisa as mage companion?

    1) Valid point 2) You can still give a bow to Adaon, but I know, he doesnt have fireball and lightning skills... 3) It ends after my wishes are fullfilled ;)
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    So im on Google play...

    Yep, you will. That's how googleplay works. Your account holds your purchases. The only problem is, you will no longer have your saves, unless you make a copy of your savefiles (EK.bak).
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    Why not Amarisa as mage companion?

    Since EK is about to face a "lack of atualizations" season, I'm making my last wishes. Since we already have as companions a warrior, a rogue and a cleric, why not let Amarisa be our mage companion? - Mage class is already fully implemented, such as skills, robes, wands... - Amarisa alreary...
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    Report *TEXT & TRANSLATION* issues here

    *Language: Portuguese *Location of the problem: The Undermother (file 'beastiary names' in folder 'Other') *Wrong text: A Mãe das Profundezas *Suggested resolution: Undermother I noticed the name "undermother" is not translated to a "portuguese version" in any dialogue or journal quest of the...
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    Report *TEXT & TRANSLATION* issues here

    Last line replace [BLUE} with [BLUE]
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    Report *TEXT & TRANSLATION* issues here

    This one seems ironic, but it will sound better after correction. I couldnt find the folder location. *Language: Portuguese *Location of the problem: A Shady Traveller *Wrong text: Viajante Sombrio *Suggested resolution: Viajante Misterioso
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    Report *TEXT & TRANSLATION* issues here

    I lost my old saves, so now I'm starting new game in portuguese and noticed some early translations mistakes. *Language: Portuguese *Location of the problem: Warrior's Guild captain in Kingsbridge ( line 3Q, file G9_mercenary in folder Conversation 02) "Do I look like one of those nobles..."...
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    Report *TEXT & TRANSLATION* issues here

    *Language: Portuguese *Location of the problem: Varannari Turtle Figurine in Folder Item 5 (Other 5) *Wrong text: Figurino Varannari de Tartaruga *Suggested resolution: Figura Varannari de Tartaruga *Language: Portuguese *Location of the problem: Varannari Cat Figurine in Folder Item 5 (Other...
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    Request for Allowed Community Mods/Addon/DLC

    The minimum I expect is to be able to use all 3 existing companions at once plus Amarisa as Mage companion
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    Congratulations David.

    Exiled Kingdoms is a combination of fluid mechanics and good story-telling that worked. It's amazing how a mobile RPG, with outdated graphics and developed by one single person managed to be so immersive and to win over many fans in an era of Skyrim. And all this with only 100mb and without...
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    Ark of Lothasan (Reactor) [BIG SPOILERS - Alternate ending]

    Re: Ark of Lothasan (Reactor) [BIG SPOILERS] You are currently in the path of Evil... ending. It was decided during the talk to Sir Valeran in Dragon Coast. You can still do the Sewer of Horrors quest BEFORE using the elevator in the Ark (actually, when you use the elevator, your game autosave...
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    Report *TEXT & TRANSLATION* issues here

    Re: Report *TRANSLATION* issues here *Language: Portuguese *Location of the problem: Journal, Spider's sacks quest. *Wrong text: title and quest description is not translated in my journal!? *Suggested resolution: it's already translated in Ek Loaded File Quests2 -- *Language: Portuguese...