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  1. Akka

    I made some fanart

    5/5 made my morning :)
  2. Akka

    How do I become a tester

    I think you can join the beta tester program or whatever in the Exiled Kingdoms Google play page.
  3. Akka

    Report here old items that may need to be updated

    the 'Icicle' and the 'Primal Icicle' have the same price, oddly, since the Primal Icicle is a superior version of the normal Icicle.
  4. Akka

    Tell us when you gain a level - share your character build advancement :)

    Akka, lv15 Warrior; Str6 End2 Agi4 Int2 Awa2 Per1 Dmg 13-17 + 5fire (magma sword) Speed 10, crit15% (18-51) Resists: 65fire 45cold 51death 60toxic 17light 2holy Armor 24 Whirlwind2 Resilience2 Cleave2 ShieldExpert3 PrecisionStrikes3 MassiveCrits3 ExtraRecovery1 HitPoints 282 Companion is...
  5. Akka

    Ice Shamans (Xialdar Cave)

    How do I prevent these dorks from paralysing me for literally forever? Hate these things.
  6. Akka

    EK Hawties

    Soo.. how about dat Woodswoman Rosy? Wish I had a saucy wench escape a crusty Wizards oppression and use me as a boytoy in the wilderness. Rawr. (I hope this threads in the correct section) Who's your EK waifu?
  7. Akka

    Login to Google Play Games not working

    Just got the Android 10 update on my Huawei view20, login works now.
  8. Akka

    Login to Google Play Games not working

    I was able to buy the full game using prepaid sim card! All is well. Have to say this is propably the best mobile game I've ever played. Happy to pay that small sum, I played demo to lv8 first and was literally ITCHING for more content. Diablo 2 and Ultima Online defined my childhood and now I...
  9. Akka

    Login to Google Play Games not working

    I'm unable to buy the full version cause of this bs :/