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    Armors Are For Babies!

    So player can wear this sacdals: Mystyc, Sorceress', Saint?
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    I got idea for challenge

    I like previous image, that man looks haughty enough for person doesn't enter dungeons.
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    I got idea for challenge

    🤣Maybe, Jetro will see you exiting New Garand Sewers and then you will need to give him Phayeder Medallion or everybody will about your visit to sewer.
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    Official Wiki Corrections and Suggestions Thread

    Section: Quests Page: The Sacred Weapons Issue: Notes say Spirit Cleaver is only 2-handed Spirit weapon, but in last update was added Vindicator (spirit maul). Section: Equipment Table: Orbs Pages: all lesser orbs (reb, white, blue, black, green). Issue: old states (lesser orbs have +18...
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    I got idea for challenge

    Good, but you wroted "steal" and "can't be rogue"? Maybe you wanted to write "duel for all property".
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    Kalagru OP?

    When I have played with warrior, I tanked with my main character (you need at least 800 hp for it) drinking as much apple juice as I can. Hirge was healing me all the time and use circle of restoration when my hp was too low or I was paralised. I/Hirge used Paralysis GreatAxe/Stun Maul.
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    Lesser Black Orb stats update

    You should have posted it here Official Wiki Corrections and Suggestions Thread
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    New old challenge Wimpy Kid

    This kitten so mimimi... Khm...
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    Maximum Level?

    100, but 25+ more than enough to complete all game(finish all quests, kill all bosses), so almost nobody has it.
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    Mago na arca

    I hope you saved Amarissa. Nothing strange, anyway, you can recover mana from recovery button which you recover with large bataries which you recover with ancient batteries which you recover from robots which you recover with waiting which you recover with... Stop, waiting is abstract thing, you...
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    Dashing Problems…

    Walking NPCs stop moving when you are near and continue after you leave them, like mercenary in Icemist near guild. Staying NPCs, like guards, maybe, just want to return on their position, but you block them as they block you.
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    Max Usefull Spirit Resistance (100?)

    Oh, max equipment bonus to Sun is smal (90-110) and I thought resistance is linear proportional.
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    Dashing Problems…

    If I remember correctly NPCs don't move when you are near them. Guard from Rhoneis helped me to kill orc commander and after it have been waiting for something near 20 sec. NPCs often block me in entrance in main office of wisards' guild.
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    Bug (Potential spoilers) last of the legion bug

    Maybe you already said you give her wolf pelts? After you talked with her about legionnaires you can't change option you choosed.
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    Max Usefull Spirit Resistance (100?)

    @Trace Da Cruz Only Devourers' paralysis was nerfed. Another mobs saved their ability to paralysis.