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    How to? Has anyone ever created a "bad cleric"?

    No, there is no way to lose powers.
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    Fort Assault reward for mage

    You can replace arcane pendant with Brother Ladan's Holy Symbol, so you cah pick that breastplate.
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    Sure, Ice Elementals have high cold resistance and deal cold damage, only cold weapons should be part of this challenge (pounching goblins to get 500 coin for dagger of ice in New Arthur won't be a problem) It will be realy hard, leather and chain armor may be allowed before you get primal ice.
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    I have some ideas (previous ones are here)
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    How to? Cómo progreso las misiones si por culpa de estar en otros gremios no puedo cumplirlas

    There is no mission that depends on guild membership.
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    A Violent Debate on the Ark!

    Changelog says
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    Official Wiki Corrections and Suggestions Thread

    Section: Equipment Page: Ashen Issue: "Set Totals" says this set has cold resistance, but it doesn't. And shock resistance is bigger. Mod note: FIXED
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    Need help with character development game

    Have you increased only these traits? Bows need more Agility then Awareness(1 damage per Agi point and 1 damage per 2 Awa points). I suggest to have 2 Awa, after you get 6 Agi(without equipment) you may increase Awa to 4 points. You should increase another traits(for advanced skills or quest...
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    The Golden Hand Issues

    @stonedwolf You also can rush in Mausoleum to get book located there, I did it with 4 level cleric, not sure if other classes may do it so early.
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    How to? Azagul Tomb Answer is in notes section.
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    Hledání úkolů

    1st quest 2nd and 3rd quests(avaible after Forgotten Lore) 4th quest(avaible after Shards...
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    Hledání úkolů

    Nejsem si jistý, jestli jsem tě pochopil správně. Lovci Varannari (náhodou na silnicích) zaplatí 20 mincí za jednu poškozenou vlčí srst. Bylinkáři (v každém městě je alespoň jeden) platí 12 mincí za kus.
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    Hledání úkolů

    @Mirek Liliana prodává pavoučí jed ve stoce New Garanda a je těžší se dostat k jiným prodejcům, než zabít Mirmeky ručně.
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    Bug Melee mobs regenerating

    Yes, I have thought about it after Gris was slayed. I was shocked by 2 melee fighters playing game "push your opponent out your door" that I have forgot about ability to run back.
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    Bug Melee mobs regenerating

    We all know if ranged character attacks melee mob that can't reach him, melee mob regenerates and regenerates very fast. And usually it's fair enough, you can't kill mob, mob can't kill you. But recently I have got problem fighting group of mobs. I open a door, I attack Skeletal Champion(melee...