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  1. Cainus

    Guide: War Priest , Cleric Build

    Thanks, yeah thats what im trying to get point ; balanced with between defense and dps.. Now when i have a time ill update my build with new items and new skills :)
  2. Cainus

    Guide: War Priest , Cleric Build

    Im not saying my build is best but i can say i dont need defense potions :) I didnt like your attitude..
  3. Cainus

    Cleric Build - Child Of Faith + Undermother Video

    I like your style, maybe i can use the some parts for my Twister build.. Also i am working on clerics and i have a many builds too :)
  4. Cainus


    Which device and system that you play on it ?
  5. Cainus

    All Ideas For Mage

    Yeah all other classes have a different kind OF protection and im sure mage will have too.. On the other hand, i hope David will add merchant that one sells many mana potions :twisted:
  6. Cainus

    All Ideas For Mage

    Very nice one. Thanks for reply mate, so more ideas ? it could be about gear, quests, skills and everything about mage, ive been waiting too long for this moment :3
  7. Cainus

    All Ideas For Mage

    So David already shared, that he is working on mage for next update.. We can share all of our opinions in this topic.. Just beginning, maybe he can make the skills about being three different builds(Elemental mage, Dark mage and also yeah there could be a dark path that the banned by the wizard...
  8. Cainus

    Easy way to earn 250,000 gold ?

    One of the easiest way if you are 10-11 level i believe its enough with true playing, you can loot the royal crypt, once you loot it youll get between 5000-8000 gold(with the price of items you loot)
  9. Cainus

    Mage Class

    Thanks for reply. Im not gonna asking when, just saying cmon after this one work on them David, please..
  10. Cainus

    Mage Class

    I know i know David, you are almost dying out of boredom cus of those questions about Mage. But its been a long time that you told me "soon" So my only wish please after this update, work on it and work on thuram game is enough good atm with mechanic, story, quests and have a lot items, skills...
  11. Cainus

    there is any way to do fast travels and hold two or more companions?

    You can use the boat in some towns, also teleportation at the wizard guilds and scrolls will throw you the nearest town.. You can only keep one companion.. Except hired adventurers mostly at the towns and sometimes at the roads.
  12. Cainus

    The Dead God

    I'll try something but it will take a some time, when i can ill make you know. Thanks.
  13. Cainus

    Giant Mamba fang

    Mambas? Woow theres a lot of new cool stuff, i wasnt play for a long time and then when i came i couldnt believe my eyes :3 Game is now much more valuable in every way.. But something is wrong, i forget everything i know.. Even ill consider for leaving my War Priest and making a new build.. :|
  14. Cainus

    Guide: War Priest , Cleric Build

    Sorry for my bad, ill gave the ss when i went to home. I wasnt online for a long time, nor did i played game. But now i tell you something awesome, Im back :3
  15. Cainus

    The Dead God

    If i keep the Crown, can i use it ? :twisted: