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    What does your forum user name mean?

    Not only i use melee weapons( some are two handed like Axe of Depths or Adamantine Greatsword) i also use Long range weapons too.
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    Ashen Steak😂🥩

    And just as getting bored to slay some beast, why don't LURE them to the place where they are being cooked just like what happened when i put this Minotaur into Lava- And it's smells Good🥩🥩🐂🐂😂😂😂
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    What does your forum user name mean?

    Be it Warrior, Cleric,Rogue or Mage i always use Beast Slayer as my own trademark name- just to easily identify my character😁
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    Who wants to see Andoria and Myros?

    Gee i believe there is more to quest so that i am excited if this map drawn by Aramas will help Player travel to that Lost Empire...What do you think?😁
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    One Toughha Demon😭😭

    Thanks ....Killing mode- Activate😁😁😁
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    One Toughha Demon😭😭

    Eventhough my Character exceeds at trait level 12 each. And skills got maximized, in the fortress in Wyvern mountains after i left Soliga, i successfully killed all Ice Giants and Icyclon, even Ice Lord elemental Golems Ice Wyvern and the Mastermind Hydalix. However one Badass Demon Kalagru...
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    Know your Ally

    Guys how well did you really known your true ally( it depends on whichever you choose) My favorite is Lady Hirgalande she is the best on assisting me on quest, an expert monster slayer adding a medieval nurse on my side. Grissenda however is another trusted ally- can withstand toe to toe even...
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    What does your forum user name mean?

    Me, well when i first played this game back then, i often use that name whichever class i choose( Warrior,Cleric,Mage or Rogue-but Warrior is my best pick)
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    Cursed Abbey quest not working?

    Try to talk to Marcillus- he is on the upper right corner on your screen. He mentioned 3rd door becames Gate of Hell. Search every door on the opposite side of Abbey until you found a glowing wall. Pass through it go right. Look for stairs below then go down. You must have a higher AWA and INT...
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    Introduce yourself thread

    When it does, let us hunt Orcs... Yautja style hehehe😁😁😁😁
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    Introduce yourself thread

    Mabuhay at Kumusta kayo(Hello how Are you doing today)? Hi I am Ronald Albindo from 🇵🇭. And this games really changes my perspective on RPG gaming. I thought it was boring to play while travelling on certain areas, meeting people and hack and slash anyone whom blocks my way. (And im talking...