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    Ruby Key with number 1

    It’s not that critical. One stat point isn’t great thing in late game. But one skill point is always important thus killing Adaon is a very bad choice. I don’t want to let him in my house where two girls are in but I should do to get a skill point..
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    Exiled Kingdoms now also available as "premium" App in Play Store.

    If you play the game on the iOS then you don’t need to debate whether buying full version or not because it hasn’t been added to the iOS. XD
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    Traits limits

    You can raise traits up to 12 after latest patch.
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    New update?

    Currently, the update is applied to PC and Android version.
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    [Request] Autopot skill for companions

    If there will be an update to companion system then I want to have a feature to enable/disable skills for companions, rather than quickslot for companions but nothing seems to happen.
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    [Request] Autopot skill for companions

    You can just use potions for companions.
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    About donation

    You can pay more by buying other version of the game. If you already bought mobile version then you can buy steam or gog version.
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    Winter wail weapon not sellable.

    I heard that it is a quest item in 1.3 so you shouln’t sell it.
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    Is Melee Mage too weak since the latest update?

    You have plenty of points so why don’t you put some in traditional skills?
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    Stuck in Butterfingers Problem

    Recall scroll doesn’t work in sewer.
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    Is Melee Mage too weak since the latest update?

    I haven’t reached Ark with Mage yet nor tried Arcane Knight but Lightning Bolt IV + a couple of hits with a lightning weapon like Phantom Longsword + bonus damage from Arcane Blade IV + counter damage from Mage Barrier III might be able to nearly kill Steel Spider and Steel Wizard if...
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    Why don’t protagonist pictures use historical paints

    like NPCs? NPCs look better than my characters.
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    Minor suggestions.

    I edited to clarify my intention. If that is an exploit which shouldn’t be talked in public then it should be fixed.
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    Minor suggestions.

    1. Closing a window of Bag of Holding without closing entire character/inventory window. 2. Healing Companion to half of HP after each battle, (edit)or remove healing Companion to half of HP when load a game. [Mod Note: reference to exploit deleted) 3. Give an additional inventory for...
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    Companions revive with half of hp.

    On top of this, Companion recovering with load makes my mage game incredibly easy. I can’t see any difference between it and just healing Companion to half hp after each battle.