Mister Thrice

A nerd. I've 4 characters on EK, 3 of which are on normal and the mage is on casual. My cleric is a 6... She got me frustrated early... Mage is about to be 25, and still a miserable prick, and my warrior and rogue are both 22 or so... They are easy to run and fun. The mage is pure masochism, cuz I hate him.
04/03/1982 (Age: 40)
Pacific Northwest
Dungeons and Dragons 3.0-3.5e (sorry 4e & 5e just isn't worth re-investing the money I've sunk into the tower of books I have for this generation), RC Tanks/trucks/cars, Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Archery, Knives & Swords, Martial Arts, Exotic Plants (carnivores, orchids, cacti, succulents, foliars), Reptile husbandry (I have 2 burmese pythons), leatherworking, woodworking, sewing, tarot, cooking, sleeping, pokemon (I haven't played anything newer than Ultra Moon and Sun, I'm on strike)...
Cabinetry, finishing, forklift


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