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    Teleportation room

    To unlock doors you must put the right amount of the correct runes in. You are told what the solutions in the pedestal book "Magical Runes for Dummies" in the room. You pull levers to highlight runes. When you have the correct solution runes highlighted the relevant door is unlocked. There is a...
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    Fort assault imposible to complete

    @Arcanmaster also bear in mind .
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    Fixing The Three Faction

    Pay the fine then do the quests.
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    Квестовые предметы (GTranslate - Quest items)

    Quest items cannot be dropped. They cannot be sold. If you open a chest or loot a body with quest items and don't take the quest items you are warned about that in with a dialogue box. You get a lot of safe chests (ones that do not empty) very early in the game in the Town Halls, you get many...
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    Any android games like Exiled kingdoms 👀👀

    Icewind Dale is one of the many Beamdog conversions; so yes Android but surely for the love of Tol you're not playing on a phone are you?
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    Adaon is from Freeport…

    Of course he would still be there, Bagadar isn't yet free to go on a thieving spree in Icemist.
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    Adaon is from Freeport…

    He mysteriously vanishes shortly after the player acquires the Amulet of Dark Whispers.
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    Adaon is from Freeport…

    The Legionnaire outside of Freetown says the Zamohr Pass has become blocked and the Commander is still trying to keep it quiet, that suggests relatively recently. If it has been years since Adaon and Bagadar left Freeport that would tie-in.
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    Archealund Release Date?

    Mobile version is not currently planned. 😢
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    Archealund Release Date?

    I use Fallout as one example, but the same is true of many longstanding RPG franchises: Ultima, Might & Magic, Wizardry. Every thing you mentioned applies to them too: vast changes to game scope, mechanics, design, interface, graphics, etc., over the course of their sequels. I understand those...
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    Lannegar Reputation stuck at 9

    I usually extort Teram for a reward in The Lost Explorer, he gives you a Small Ruby which is very handy for A Fair Deal. That costs -2 Rep though, so I usually have to do a Town Hall Quest or two.
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    Lannegar Reputation stuck at 9

    Lannegar Town Hall Quests.
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    Minotaur horns

    Minotaur rumour bosses are level 11+ but the demo caps at 8.
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    How long have you been playing this game?

    Since early 2019