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  1. stonedwolf

    Any good ark weapon reccomendations?

    Almost nothing does so they make for some of the most consistent all-round weapons (along with pure physical weapons such as Composite Bow or Adamantite set).
  2. stonedwolf

    Dual wielding rogue

    So can Warriors.
  3. stonedwolf

    Poison sacks

    LOL I get you. Our subsequent runs in this game are very different to the first. But if it's just for the $$$ there are some grinding options, South East Korne has good drops from Ursans: Plate & Hammers. PS, on this forum we don't quote unless we really need to. If in doubt, don't quote.
  4. stonedwolf

    Poison sacks

    I got to Level 18 with my first character (warrior) on Normal and gave up because the game became too easy. I'm sure there were challenges ahead but the vast majority of the game had become too easy. SO IMO get that Rogue. Beat the game on Hard. And then start your Ironman Mage run. ☠ 💀 ☠
  5. stonedwolf

    Poison sacks

    Is Griss still there? Have you tried talking to her? You do not NEED poison to destroy the colony. It just makes it easier. Otherwise you have 3 rounds of bugs to fight but if you can whack the Wraith you should handle the bugs.
  6. stonedwolf

    [Announcement] Exiled Kingdoms is getting a new update!

    Addy with the Jester's Bow can be pretty brutal.
  7. stonedwolf

    Poison sacks

    The quest A Safe Bet in particular is excellent. You'll have your first crack at the bullheads and the reward is a superb peace of early armor. Also in the South East corner of the Trollfens is a corpse of a long-gone ranger, his Forest Chain Coif and Hunting Bow are still there and handy early...
  8. stonedwolf

    Poison sacks

    As already said, but to put my 0.02 into the pot, believe you me the Abandoned Smuggler Hideout, is a bloody hard raid at low level. First, you should have your companion Grissenda. Second you should have the capability to do some serious damage, e.g. Rogue Stab. Third you will need every...
  9. stonedwolf

    Another Reputation Question

    True, but many of those quests done at the City of Nirvarian come with a Potion of Lesser Restoration as a reward (and it's worth skipping by sleeping quests without that reward) so it's at least a fairly decently rewarding grind loop.
  10. stonedwolf

    Not so Odd Couple

    Many of us have felt like that, good luck with it.
  11. stonedwolf

    Which order?

    Juuust make certain you have and keep a pre-raid save file.
  12. stonedwolf

    A reputation Question

    One guy in the Grey Library buys for 15% above normal value, but the other trader also has discounted items so you can stock-up cheaply. Not that money is really an issue in this game.
  13. stonedwolf

    Detect Secrets - How Often?

    Thanks. Confirmation of 3 or 6 seconds would be welcome. Can someone in the Wiki also create a page called Perception redirect it to Secrets (I'm updating it and the Scroll, Thelume's Wisdom, etc.).
  14. stonedwolf

    Detect Secrets - How Often?

    If a character uses Thelume's Wisdom or Scroll of Detection is the detect secrets done just once, or x mount of times per second? How long do the last? If a character is relying on passive Awa/Int/Dungeoneering/Detection then how often are the checks made? I (think!) I've seen a door be...
  15. stonedwolf

    [Announcement] Exiled Kingdoms is getting a new update!

    How about considering fixing-up some of the creature elemental resistances? There's a whole lot that makes very little sense.