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    Impossible Challenge

    Well there is a companion, so tolassian books are not a waste. And I already make the story. I don't want any more changes.
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    Impossible Challenge

    Maybe killing the 5th sleeper? Idk
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    How long have you been playing this game?

    Who the hell is Wassuplol?
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    Impossible Challenge

    I'm just doing my daily routine and something came into my mind. What if you finish the game without using trait points? Story: Muud'ari. As any other Muud'ari. We know that they are stronger than humans right? But there is this one guy that is weaker than any other creature. He always get...
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    How long have you been playing this game?

    Started in 2017 (didn't buy the full version.) And I continue playing April this year and purchased the full version.
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    Start a Cult! Hello IX I I (Mercia). there are some cultist in sydarun led by 2 clerics, we need help.
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    My 2h warrior build

    I recommend to reset your skill point and take away the bash. There are many threads about build for warriors. So I recommend check on them too.
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    Dashing Problems…

    That is your punishment for making the guards kill the rats.
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    Weird Blocked Cave?

    Or maybe a Hidden Easter Egg. Where you will stand into a specific location,time and class. And after you did that specific actions, you can see the inside of the cave. No I'm just kidding.
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    Max Usefull Spirit Resistance (100?)

    Or Battle Rage so you can be immune to both. In limited time...
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    Weird Blocked Cave?

    At last! Someone noticed that mysterious cave. I have no idea what is that actually.
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    Cliff hangers?

    Eyyy! Y'all invaded another innocent post! Poor thread, invaded by the lore-hungry members of the forum. And also I think the "Oppalan Frontier" is just an innocent novel book. The author must be so happy that the Oppalan Frontier is so popular in the forum(stonks). Maybe the book really didn't...
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    Spoilers Ultimate Challenge Compendium

    Hey! I notice that there is only 1 ultimate challenge. What do it takes to consider a challenge "Ultimate"?
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    Lannegar Guard Challange

    Maybe also killing the Undermother? No? Ok I think thats too hard.
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    Nayau Necromancer Skillset?

    Maybe because when they kill their target they became idle for a second so they regen some of their hp. Like in casual and story mode, you regen when nobody is around? Maybe?? Or am I just crazy?