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New update also available to PC Testers (Steam)

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To become a tester, simply go to your Steam Library, right-click on Exiled Kingdoms, go to Properties, Betas and use the access code: EKbetatesting

Full details here.


We upgraded our forum to latest Xenforo version (2.2) and there are many new...

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As you can see, our forum looks a bit different. That's because we upgraded to latest Xenforo version (2.2) and there's many new things we will use.

Some of them are new thread types, we will enable in appropriate places. Short video explaining this thread types:

There would be some more changes also, which I'll inform you as we start using them.

Do you want to work with 4D Games? Junior 3D Artist wanted!

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The team creating Archaelund keeps growing; we're currently looking for a junior 3D Artist with some experience in Unity, Blender and possibly other 3D tools. In particular we need someone capable of preparing and optimizing props and buildings, sometimes create models from scratch and texturing them, but often it's about modifying and adapting models created by someone else. Regarding Unity, it is required to be able to work with textures and materials, and at least basic familiarity with shaders.

Eventually, opportunities for creative work on a higher level will also be available as the project expands beyond Early Access.

Above all we want someone that wants to create beautiful and unique things and leave a mark on the game we're creating.

If you think you meet the requirements and you want to be part of the team, write me at [email protected]

In your email please add some of your work so we can evaluate your skills.

[Announcement] Exiled Kingdoms is getting a new update!

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Many of you already know that for the last two years I've been working on my next game, Archaelund. Exiled Kingdoms was already completed back in 2018, so I only gave it the required tech updates. Still the potential for adding new content remained... I wondered if I could try to work on both games at the same time, and for the last weeks I've been doing exactly that. It's looking like it progresses well, and it's not delaying my work on Archaelund too much.

I can't provide details about the update itself yet. It should be similar in scope to previous EK updates; there'll be a few new outdoor areas, some new dungeons and new quests. I am afraid silly humor is non-negotiable and is bound to happen as well. Maybe new skills, if old code behaves, since I want new builds to be possible. One thing it's going to have for certain is answers to important Lore...

Archaelund (now updated with screenshots and video!)

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Steam page: Archaelund on Steam

As you'll probably know, development of Exiled Kingdoms is officially complete with version 1.2 and even if development continues in the years to come, right now my focus is on my next game: Archaelund.

About Archaelund

First of all, Archaelund is not a sequel to Exiled Kingdoms, but a completely standalone game set in the EK world. It's a far bigger, more complex and ambitious game. I won't be holding anything back here, since the success of Exiled Kingdoms gives me the freedom to develop this game without making any compromises. Or that's the plan, at least ;)

Archaelund will be a game targeted at the PC platform...

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