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  1. 'M'

    Questions regarding Forsaken

    😂 i know magister pendant i did beat the game countless times on Ironman even posted about it here on forums I meant this https://www.exiledkingdoms.com/wiki/index.php?title=Lady_Calenda It's says she drops forsaken pendant but no info on that item I did read some other very old posts...
  2. 'M'

    Questions regarding Forsaken

    Has anyone ever killed all forsaken on Ironman mode If so which class and what level As i plan to do it Also the wiki says something about forsaken pendant ? How many rare drops after killing all ?
  3. 'M'

    40 hour 159 in game days 90/90 iron man game complete / game over

    Mages don't have disadvantage in speed run to prove i did this https://exiledkingdoms.com/forum/index.php?threads/27-hour-110-in-game-days-90-90-ironman-mage-game-complete.17779/
  4. 'M'

    What rpg android games do you play besides exiled kingdoms?

    After reading it here i did play it I did beat graveyard king at level 36 permadeath mode it was fun hirathils were fun too .
  5. 'M'

    Tell us when you gain a level - share your character build advancement :)

  6. 'M'

    27 hour 110 in game days 90/90 Ironman mage game complete

    Previously i did this https://exiledkingdoms.com/forum/index.php?threads/40-hour-159-in-game-days-90-90-iron-man-game-complete-game-over.17495/ Though my favourite class is warrior but when i read here some people assume in speed run mage class have disadvantage it's just excuse as they...
  7. 'M'

    Just checking posting system

    Learning to post here
  8. 'M'

    Ironman mage finished

    It hurts to lose so stay strong 😂 i did beat you twice https://exiledkingdoms.com/forum/index.php?threads/40-hour-159-in-game-days-90-90-iron-man-game-complete-game-over.17495/ 13 hours faster literally in my second run with more than 100 day in game difference...
  9. 'M'

    Ironman mage finished

    As guest i read this post long time ago then i said to myself time to go faster I thought you did in 50 hours so I did in just 49 hours 90/90 iron man warrior https://exiledkingdoms.com/forum/index.php?threads/49-hour-game-over-game-complete-90-90-ironman-mode.17462/ And then in just 40...
  10. 'M'

    Tips for starting iron man

    Never looked at leaderboard 1590274085 Just saw your old post 53 hour mage 90/90 not bad I am 40 hour warrior 90/90 iron man of course
  11. 'M'

    49 hour game over / game complete 90/90 Ironman mode

    I was busy with this https://exiledkingdoms.com/forum/index.php?threads/40-hour-159-in-game-days-90-90-iron-man-game-complete-game-over.17495/ If you are still looking for tips you can ask me there on new post
  12. 'M'

    40 hour 159 in game days 90/90 iron man game complete / game over

    Previously i did this https://exiledkingdoms.com/forum/index.php?threads/49-hour-game-over-game-complete-90-90-ironman-mode.17462/#post-57276 As i said i can go faster so this time it's fast as always iron man with no resets and never buying Ankh of life 40 hours 90/90 As always iron man In...
  13. 'M'

    How to post screen shots here

    I did click on the blue upload icon but nothing happens and when i click over pic icon it says insert url but when i do from imgbb it's says something went wrong contact administrator due to this i am unable to post screen shots 1590262563 Solved it without any help
  14. 'M'

    49 hour game over / game complete 90/90 Ironman mode

    Earlier i read some mage took 50 hour or so but with using ankh of life and lots of resets so i thought of beating that I can go faster. On Ironman mode Undermother killed she marked the completion of 90/90 Void Lord killed Greater Demon killed in a row with Lord of pit killed without breno...