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  1. Sounkeng

    Thief's Blade

    The Thief's blade description says that it is "a stylish and fast silvery weapon". I recommend that we either update the description so that it doesn't say that... Or, better yet, add the silver property to the theif's blade
  2. Sounkeng

    Offhand damage question as reported on the wiki.

    The wiki reports 2 different damage types: elemental and generic damage. However, it reports the dps for generic damage as half of what I would expect and also half of what is reported for elemental damage. As an example. If we take the bluesteel dagger has an attack speed of 10 and a damage...
  3. Sounkeng

    Re: Undermother gone

    Discussions about the beta-test update are supposed to be limited to the beta-test thread. I will merge this post with that, and close this thread.
  4. Sounkeng

    Cleric summon wolf costs too much mana

    So I am building a new character. He is currently lvl 9 with virtually all trait points on personality to maximize mana and then I am testing the value of different skills. I toyed around with sacred fire and arbrenos might and other basic skills. But I was really excited about the new...
  5. Sounkeng

    "Wimpy Kid" Challenge

    I'd like to propose a challenge. How high a level everyone can obtain on Ironmode without investing a single trait point in Strength, Endurance, or Agility. I know this challenge favors Cleric builds... be that as it may. Edited to change: "Hard difficulty" to "Ironmode" since anybody could...
  6. Sounkeng

    Varannari should buy bear pelts

    Yep, they should
  7. Sounkeng

    Western Wyvern mountains Vs Wyvern mountains

    The map labels the area "western wyvern mountains", but the saves and rumors call it simply "wyvern mountains".
  8. Sounkeng

    Signpost in the imperial coast needs updating

    Hey David, The signpost in the imperial coast is basically worthless presently. It should to be updated.
  9. Sounkeng

    fame for killing rumor bosses

    I know it sounds greedy for me to want fame for killing rumor bosses in addition to all the amazing loot they drop. But I just can't help thinking that killing these monsters would make me famous, at least regionally.
  10. Sounkeng

    Loot from rumor bosses

    These are the one's that have been posted about so far. I will try to keep it updated as people add more. Ring of Unlife: (lich) +1 END +1 INT +30 Death resist +10 Spirit resist Text: "Hard to say if this thing is blessed or cursed" Necklace of the depth: Lich Detection 1 wisdom 1 1...
  11. Sounkeng

    Level advancing Traveling Armorer/Alchemist

    I was wondering if we could get the stocks of the Traveling Armorer, shady guy, alchemist, etc., to improve with level. I feel like there is no reason to ever talk to them anymore unless I want to sell some of my my overstocked inventory. Also the alchemists in all the cities... I wish the...