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  1. Sounkeng

    Would it be possible to add a ranged weapon for Clerics?

    The only benefit I can see of giving clerics a bad ranged weapon would be to allow them to agro a monster without aggroing a crowd. Warriors have ranged weapons, but typically get little meaningful use out of them other than to agro a single monster, I would expect the same to be true for...
  2. Sounkeng

    St. Admus secret doors

    My memory is that particular secret door is one of the hardest in the game... I haven't checked combat logs for levels but it always feels like the most challenging one.
  3. Sounkeng

    St. Admus secret doors

    I don't know if it makes any difference, but when I am looking for secret doors I am constantly moving. But yeah the secret doors in the Abbey seem to have some of the very highest skill checks of any in the game... At least that has been my observation.
  4. Sounkeng

    Synergy with melee rogue talents please

    There are a lot of really great ways to build rogues. My suggestion is to think outside the box a little. For example: have you already joined the thieves guild? If not then there is something to be said about joining the fighters guild. In my game I did just that. Lets look at the pros and...
  5. Sounkeng

    Warrior with off hand

    That is correct. You have to have completed the freetown guild quest, as well as have aided the 7th hand in New garand. But membership is not required for that particular skill. Although it should be noted that it isn't available to clerics.
  6. Sounkeng

    Experience Points (XPs) Glitch

    Exactly what Cuckoorex said. Anywhere that enemies respawn while you are in the map will result in single digit experience gains. This is by design to discourage players from sitting there and farming indefinitely.
  7. Sounkeng

    Help - will my game be impacted if I miss a step in "Where is Amarisa"?

    It shouldn't be a problem considering researching her results in a dead end anyway and Grandpa ghost will tell you about her anyway.
  8. Sounkeng

    How to improve my DPS against ghosts?

    Re: Probably a very simple question but will ask it anyway Quick correction. Banishing doesn't help against ghosts or undead. However Holy does. The thing about Vengeful Wraiths is that they have an extremely high "armor" so normal damage doesn't effect them that much. A few damage types...
  9. Sounkeng

    Character progression

    You won't lose anything if you play as a beta-tester. It may be true that that is how it works for other games. But for this game all game data is saved and just updates with no loss in game progression.
  10. Sounkeng

    Princess of the sea - Karak problem?

    The princess is outside, and you have to talk with her to enable the lever to be unstuck. So everything is functioning as it should in your newest game.
  11. Sounkeng

    Possible EK Easter egg?

  12. Sounkeng

    Mage Equipment (Testers only so far)

    This belongs in the tester discussion thread. Closing this. Go over there and ask.
  13. Sounkeng

    Spoiler! Stuck in Ark of Lothasan Upper Deck

    Both your autosave and quicksave are on the upper deck? What about other save slots? When you are loading the game look at your folder icon. I would be surprised if your autosave was on the top floor (as I can't see a way that could happen without manually saving over the top of it)
  14. Sounkeng

    Possible to miss quest "A fair deal"

    Re: Jorun Cloak Quest Wasted Not a bug, just an instance of where timing matters, and choices have consequences. Sorry that happened to you. There is another cloak that drops from primival bears you can get that has the same stats plus 1 armor.
  15. Sounkeng

    Bug in snake gang quest

    Also the greater demon under the cursed abby
  16. Sounkeng

    Cleric Build - Child Of Faith + Undermother Video

    Flurry isn't available to clerics
  17. Sounkeng

    Bug in snake gang quest

    You should reload from an earlier save. Hopefully at the very least you haven't rested at an inn since this encounter (it autosaves when you rest)
  18. Sounkeng


    Absolutely, Not going to say its the best place to farm them, but if you are a rogue and need/want to farm devourer sting anyway than it is certainly a very good place. Even if not it is at least worth an honorable mention due to its relative proximity to resting locations.
  19. Sounkeng

    Spend 250k in Hall of Wisdom)

    You didn't notice?