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  1. Apocalypse

    Start a Cult!

    Back to the 'Ultimate Challenge Compendium' CLERIC CHALLENGE: START A CULT! INTRO Start a cult! Gather a following of 8 gullible devout cultists that will adore you, fight for you and happily die for you! GENERAL RULES Class: Cleric Guild: Church Companion: Hirge Difficulty: Easy...
  2. Apocalypse


    Back to the 'Ultimate Challenge Compendium' FANFICTION & PUZZLE: LICH KING OF THE WHITE ABYSS INTRO This is the ultimate EK challenge, with special rules to follow and unique victory conditions. As you progress through this challenge, you will have to solve multiple riddles and puzzles...
  3. Apocalypse

    I need a new challenge

    I might have played EK a bit too much lately loll. But I really like the game! I need a new challenge. Anyone has a fun idea? The last I made was super fun to play, super hard too. Made a Necromancer class, powerless under the sun but deadly at night. I'll post it soon in the Challenge...
  4. Apocalypse

    New Visions???

    Does anyone know if there are new visions at the altar in the Hall of Wisdom since the last update? I paid for the first 2, and I genuinely don't remember seeing them in earlier games. I think it's new stuff! Am I crazy? Also, Mm'bree the minotaure priestess can give visions for emeralds...
  5. Apocalypse

    Earth elemental scrolls?

    Is there a way to farm for Earth elemental scrolls? I found a few on shelves and in coffers, but is there a monster that drops these scrolls?
  6. Apocalypse

    MAGE CHALLENGE: The Loreseeker School for Nerds!

    'Ultimate Challenge Compendium' MAGE CHALLENGE: THE LORESEEKER SCHOOL FOR NERDS! SYNOPSIS Tired of being a hero? Sick of having to save the world? Say no more! At the Royal Loreseeker School for Nerds, our students are scrawny little bookworms. No need for prowess nor valor: to become a...
  7. Apocalypse

    Spoilers Ultimate Challenge Compendium

    Ultimate Challenge Compendium! Here is the list of all Exiled Kingdoms Challenges created by players. Play them, brag about your victories and tell us about your character. Or create your own and I'll add it to the list! (Challenges listed from most recent to oldest.) EK Constraint...
  8. Apocalypse

    WARRIOR CHALLENGE: The Mercian Rebellion

    'Ultimate Challenge Compendium' WARRIOR CHALLENGE: THE MERCIAN REBELLION SYNOPSIS Mount a rebellion against the Iron Queen Cercei of Mercia and topple her kingdom in a few easy steps: Construct a secret weapon, raise a rebel army, assassinate the Princess of Mercia, defeat the Mercian...
  9. Apocalypse

    Who's the Queen of Mercia?

    Hey all of you lovely people! Does anyone know the name of the tyrant queen of Mercia? I'm preparing a challenge in which we mount a rebellion against her and overthrow her kingdom. But I can't find her name. If I don't, I'll have to make it up. Maybe Queen Slavisha, Goldie, or Cercei lol
  10. Apocalypse

    Who the hell is Jorum???

    Who's Jorum? We know he's the main character of The Oppalan Frontier, which appears to be a story about the four friends who became gods. We know about The Three, and I always thought the Fourth was Tol. Could Jorum be Tol? Or did Tol already exist when The Three became gods? I also remember...
  11. Apocalypse

    CLERIC CHALLENGE: Tolassian High Priest of Tol

    'Ultimate Challenge Compendium' Dear fellow Muud'ari, welcome to another CHALLENGE thread, where you'll find an alternate story and goal to the game! Boast if you succeed, whine if you fail, or post your own challenge! ______________________________________________ CLERIC CHALLENGE...
  12. Apocalypse

    I lost my Green Card in the Ark! Help!

    In the chaos of battle, I must have dropped the Green Card in the Ark... I just realised it's not in my bag! And it's no longer in the room!!! My oldest save is too recent, it's been weeks since I found the Green Card. I was preparing for the big finale. Now I can't get to the elevator. The...
  13. Apocalypse


    I've been trying to piece together the whole story of the EK's world, and I need help! This is my take on the story! Please tell what I got wrong, add to it, share your ideas, etc. As I understand the story so far, there exists on the planet an ore called Numia, an element containing...
  14. Apocalypse

    ROGUE CHALLENGE: The Varannari Albino

    'Ultimate Challenge Compendium' Dear fellow Muud'ari, welcome to the CHALLENGE thread, where you may post your challenge to the Muud'ari community or find the perfect challenge to overcome and brag about it - or die trying! Here is my rogue challenge. Boast if you succeed, or post your own...
  15. Apocalypse

    Hirge won't trigger Ancient Seal!

    I want to go into the Forbidden Pit of Mount Orogg. To open it, I need to complete Hirge's quest "Ancient Seal". So I got Hirge just for that, but she won't trigger the quest! I've been traveling with Hirge and doing other quests for a while now, but this is taking way too long, it's getting...
  16. Apocalypse

    How do I edit my own thread in the forum?

    I posted a Challenge thread in the general forum, but I forgot to add something in the challenge. Can I edit my original post? I've seen the "edit" button under my replies in the forum, but I don't see it under my original thread post. Do I need to hire a Russian hacker? As you may already...
  17. Apocalypse

    MAGE CHALLENGE: Arcane Knight Zealot

    'Ultimate Challenge Compendium' Dear fellow Muud'ari, welcome to the CHALLENGE thread, where you may post your challenge to the Muud'ari community or find the perfect challenge to overcome and brag about it - or die trying! Here are the challenges I give you. Boast if you succeed, or post...
  18. Apocalypse

    BUG: Vulcan Dagger and Dagger of Ice

    When wielded by my mage, the vulcan dagger inflicts +0 fire damage, instead of +2. Wielded by Grissenda, the dagger inflicts its normal +2 fire damage. The exact same bug appears also when wielding the Dagger of Ice. I haven't tried the Shock Dagger yet, nor any other elemental weapon. In my...