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  1. p4ran0id

    Magic barrier

    What exactly is the problem? Mage barrier gives only a pushback so fast enemies will attack you soon after that again. I don't understand what skills are reseted at all by that, tried it but really don't get the point. Could you explain more exactly what the problem is? Fast enemies are just...
  2. p4ran0id

    Magic barrier

    For arkane mage the barrier is useless, you want to hit them not to push them away. For range mage close range battles is a bad idea, surrounded by croud and you die too fast. Just my 2 cents to that topic after lot of experience with different mage builds.
  3. p4ran0id

    Magic barrier

    If you need magic barrier than you should change your playstile. Very dangerous for mages to get the enemies that close to you 😏
  4. p4ran0id

    Lvl. 1 rouge vs. Lvl. 31 Kalagru

    Yeah that seems cheated for sure, you can't get that much with lvl 1. Have to lock the channel because of rules But his playstile is still real and worth to learn from that
  5. p4ran0id

    Dope Gameplay

    Can you really proof that he cheated? I watched some of his videos and can't really say for sure that it's cheated. His mob control is not cheated for sure, they behave same for me. And also his stuff is plausible, lvl 3 is minimum lvl for that quest, no one was crazy enough to try it before but...
  6. p4ran0id

    Spoilers The 7 Prince's of Hell…

    7 would be too boring. I would like to see something like Dante's inferno with 9 circles of hell Would be an amazing last dungeon for hardcore player. SoH is boring, just 3 circles
  7. p4ran0id

    Spoilers The Most Painful Weapons?

    Trust me, wyrmslayer is the best allrounder till ark 😉
  8. p4ran0id

    Spoilers The Most Painful Weapons?

    The real op bow is wyrmslayer and its possible to get with lvl 10. I did it on Ironman, best bow till ark 😎
  9. p4ran0id

    Spoilers The Most Painful Weapons?

    Most painful is jester's bow. Just imagine getting needles every millisecond in your body till you die... Very painful and cruel
  10. p4ran0id

    Adaon - Sevens House Boss???

    Why answering a 3yr old post?! You quote something I said in 2018. Lot of things changed since that time.
  11. p4ran0id

    Useless Mercenaries

    Won't change much because they still be useless. No one is going to use rest to heal them up, and with Hirge she better should heal my summoner or me. They are better for low lvl but later no one really use them, it's maybe nice for big bosses to have a meat shield but not worth the time
  12. p4ran0id

    How to? Is there/can there be an option to disable the D-Pad?

    Have you tried that settings? I don't have a chromebook to try but it should work
  13. p4ran0id

    Romances in EK or Archaelund?

    It was what you asked for, it's threesome (if you have Adaon in your group he's willing to join the fun) and also kind of sodomie because you f* her till she get a frog again. Love only exists on paper so kind of suits what you want
  14. p4ran0id

    Romances in EK or Archaelund?

    Is the frog princess not enough for that?
  15. p4ran0id

    Spoilers Purple Medallion Question

    There are 2, first and 3rd door. Mod note: added spoiler tag
  16. p4ran0id

    Adaon is from Freeport…

    That's not correct, I always get the amulet before Adaon quest (do it as last because he's useless for me) and he is still there. @Lea the Troll who knows, maybe he is hiding in the seventh house behind the closed door with the guild master
  17. p4ran0id

    Archealund Release Date?

    It's not just few years, more like some centuries after EK. And it's not a sequel because the whole game mechanic will be changed, it will be a complete different game with round based fights and professions. You can't call that a sequel at all
  18. p4ran0id

    Archealund Release Date?

    Actual news says around 2022 for first alpha/beta version. But I bet it will take longer, so maybe end 2022 or 2023
  19. p4ran0id

    How to? want to join official discord server

    @Apocalypse Under every post of me 😅 just click on unofficial discord server But here is the link if you don't see it Ps: funny fact, I told about you yesterday there and shared the link to your competitions 🤗 Edit: sry wrong link before. Forgot to set it to...
  20. p4ran0id

    How to? want to join official discord server

    There is no official discord server. The unofficial one is linked in my signature. David is also there and it's more active than the forum, feel free to join if you like. It's closest one to official as far as I know