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  1. Lamar

    How to? Manage HP drain. Newbie

    Wish I'd looked at this page when I started playing EK. The links have some great information and after reading them I had some "doh!" moments Would love to see the tips and tricks page linked on the front page and a link in...
  2. Lamar

    Sharing game saves?

    This is a awesome for iOS people who have a great character but are stuck at 1.2. If they purchase the android or steam version they can import their save and play version 1.3.
  3. Lamar

    Rogue companion?

    There are a lot of walkthroughs on YouTube, but I've only watched a few. The wiki and forums are great. The EK Companion is the only thing I've seen like it and it's been very helpful. Jerem-D scrapes the wiki for the app data, but he does a great job of organizing it.
  4. Lamar

    Rogue companion?

    I've hit some slow points while playing as well. Jerem-D created a nice web app to track your progress and I found it helpful finding where to go. Here's the his post in the forums. The quests page has the ability to...
  5. Lamar

    Mage woes

    Oh geeze! Only after playing a mage in the arcane weaver weaver challenge did I realize that fireball can do splash damage to you. I had assumed that since it didn't hurt your companions it didn't hurt you. I probably did more damage to myself than the enemy. /facepalm loll I also figured...
  6. Lamar

    How long have you been playing this game?

    Edit: After trying the demo for a day I bought the full version May 23rd of this year.
  7. Lamar

    Arcane Weaver Challenge (Loyal Version)

    I'm trying this challenge. It's making me learn where my spells will go indoors. I've died so many times. But it's fun! Thanks.
  8. Lamar

    Spoilers Purple Medallion Question

    There is one in a chest in the Temple of the Sleepers
  9. Lamar

    Official Wiki Corrections and Suggestions Thread

    On Android Version 1.3.1182 Varannari Hunters pay only 150 for white wolf pelts: Varannari Hunters - Exiled Kingdoms Wiki Notes need updating here as well: White Wolf Pelt - Exiled Kingdoms Wiki
  10. Lamar

    Mage woes

    Wow! Awesome input and feedback. Had not really considered using recall to escape. Can standard, not knock back, hits interrupt casting of mage armor? Edit: Also, had not tried clearing part of a dungeon, then leaving and resting for 6 hours and returning without having it reset. Did that...
  11. Lamar

    Mage woes

    Gotcha Have a level 9 rogue and level 23 warrior. Have died hundreds and hundreds of times. Didn't use the wiki or forums for a while then found that using them made the game more fun. Started a mage for something different and to see if I could go slowly and not die. For sure. Will try...
  12. Lamar

    Mage woes

    Thanks everyone. Summoning 1 takes 2 skill points. Is it really viable before level 4? How do people get through the first few levels in iron man mode? Hitting level 2 goblins with a dagger is deadly in normal mode even with mage armor. And for some reason I have trouble activating mage armor...
  13. Lamar

    Mage woes

    On normal mode I can't make it past level 5 or 6 without dying. And the way I want to play a new character is if I die it's over (can't begin to count the deaths on my warrior). Typically I start with 2 int, 1 agi with one of the elemental spells. Do goblin hunt, blue orchid, talk to brother...
  14. Lamar

    App EK Companion

    Awesome! That's terrific, thank you.
  15. Lamar

    App EK Companion

    You're welcome, and thank you for your app. Yes, that's it. A dungeon checklist and the number of dungeons for each grid like you have the the quests. That would be very helpful for my next playthrough ... as my current one as well. Thanks again.
  16. Lamar

    App EK Companion

    Thanks, it is working well! I just got my quests updated last night. This is my first playthrough of the game and now I know where my missing quests are. I wonder if you could add to the map the number of dungeons and have us be able to check them off when completed? I found I'd missed a...