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  1. Sir Squirrelsalot

    Sewers of horror the ark quest

    It is the same as with web of terror and golden cove bank, the reward is what you get on the journey. Also mage companion, particularly Amirisa would cause a ton of issues.
  2. Sir Squirrelsalot

    Mages Weapons, poll

    Paladin? I assume that is a type of cleric but could you elaborate?
  3. Sir Squirrelsalot

    CLERIC CHALLENGE: Tolassian High Priest of Tol

    Why spirit allowed but cold baned? Cold is the second most common elemental damage of undead and spirit is rather universally weak resistance for them. In fact cold is the most common secondary damage type for them.
  4. Sir Squirrelsalot

    [Announcement] Exiled Kingdoms is getting a new update!

    I argue with the sentment from zDreus; thier is also the issue that Amarisa isn't available until after the Ark which would be rather late to get a companion.
  5. Sir Squirrelsalot

    Trapped by NPCs

    I was unaware of that feature. Sorry I didn't make a save of it so I can't really go back and test it.
  6. Sir Squirrelsalot

    Trapped by NPCs

    Not if they are on the other side of another character (I tried for a couple minutes but I couldn't move and the drunkard just vibrated in place.(Would change which way he was looking but his path was still blocked). )
  7. Sir Squirrelsalot

    Trapped by NPCs

    I was aware of bridge blocking, this was the first I encountered total inability to move. (It turns out Grissinda had in fact trapped him as well so that would have been the end of a HC)
  8. Sir Squirrelsalot

    Trapped by NPCs

    Trapped between drunkerd and armorer in Kingsbridge. And I think Grissinda has semi trapped the drunkard. (Yes I can reload just fine but was just bringing awareness to the fact that this stuff can happen and that would be a painful way to lose a HC character.)
  9. Sir Squirrelsalot

    Extra Fire resistance

    Did she have a shield equipped? Because if so that is her shield master skill. 1603791003 Since the imp's attack is a projectile, it gets affected by the projectile only armor of shield master despite being magic damage.
  10. Sir Squirrelsalot

    [Announcement] Exiled Kingdoms is getting a new update!

    I don't understand how having a ranged companion messes with the balance particularly since you already have two that can; one of which can do it well. Also the player already has all the ranged options. In addition, while two mages would be able to output a ton of ranged firepower they are a...
  11. Sir Squirrelsalot

    [Announcement] Exiled Kingdoms is getting a new update!

    Lots of people are asking for mage companion and I aggre it would be awesome (I keep flip flopping between the two but don't like Hirge's mana discipline)and it got me thinking about why they weren't available already and I suspect the answer is simply that they would waste so much of their mana...