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    Please share protips. I will take the time later when I have computer access to reform this post owith an organized list. Thank you :) PRO TIP Fighter skill "Charge" can trigger traps without harming hero player. EASTER EGG Fighter skill "Charge" can by pass the stormnights currently guarding...
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    I did not get bored.

    hey I have a lot going on in life going to treatment today with my phone and I'm going to play EK there I faded after showing strong support I just wanted to let you know I still love the game and jesus
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    Tutorial Village

    random npcs telling us how to: cloud save change skill slots find the details sheet and much much more. This game is pristine and I recommend it with flying colors , I'm just letting out a random idea for consideration.
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    overwrite can happen by mistake

    imagine trying to continue a game, and by the slip of a finger or some nerve reaction we instead hit "start new game".. Then clicking on my main game. Yes there is a confirmation to click yes or no but would it be possible to make a failsafe like a box that makes us type "YES" .. I was a...
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    this game can be played offline. Bravo

    bravo. and it saves when I switch to another ap .. okay I'm done with praise mode. This is ultimate props now I will be quiet and enjoy lol
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    What are somethings for the rich millionaires?

    just trying to think of good uses for gold. I have a lot of potions, recall scrolls, etc, but I want to ask for ideas, for stuff attractive to buy once we are uber rich. I don't know if this will have any MMO instances. I would grind a few mil for a super decked out gear though It may be worth...
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    Should game keep track of days played? Or would a weekly counter be better?like day 1-7 I know having a high day count doesn't hurt anything technically. Just wondering what y'all think
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    The day count. Does it matter?

    I'm wondering if the day count has any sort of penalty. Theoretically it could reach 20,000 end game wise , or higher.. There is no penalty to wasting time right?
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    Who else collects skulls?

    I am up to 197. I hope they stack into 1000s
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    what is the best device to play EK ?

    I'm just wondering if there is a best set up, hand held etc etc. I currently play on my smart phone.
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    I just wanted to thank all involved with developing this game

    Hello I am the newest registree to this game. There is no ap game like it and I am positive I will enjoy several 10s of hours if not 100+. I enjoy having this game when I am on the go :) :) It would have been a best hit back in the genesis and SNES days, and new age consoles need more like...