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    I did not get bored.

    for what it's worth.. here is my situation and further extension of gratitude. tomorrow my cellphone runs out of time. I have Wi-Fi next door at the kitchen where I eat in the VA hospital. I have a free landline in my room so basically I don't need a cellphone active... Without exiled Kingdoms...
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    oh that's cool Im not sure why I said EASTER egg lol ummm i wont have access to the computer so I'm glad y'all haven't added a list of 50 things. I will edit first post soon with the *charge* moving NPCs shortly or tomorrow and feel free to add more tips, if you want but I don't see this...
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    Please share protips. I will take the time later when I have computer access to reform this post owith an organized list. Thank you :) PRO TIP Fighter skill "Charge" can trigger traps without harming hero player. EASTER EGG Fighter skill "Charge" can by pass the stormnights currently guarding...
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    I did not get bored.

    thanks DavidBVal
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    I did not get bored.

    hey I have a lot going on in life going to treatment today with my phone and I'm going to play EK there I faded after showing strong support I just wanted to let you know I still love the game and jesus
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    Wizard gem jabal

    lol yes they are. I haven't sold gems in awhile. I doubt I will but that's just me.
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    Tutorial Village

    random npcs telling us how to: cloud save change skill slots find the details sheet and much much more. This game is pristine and I recommend it with flying colors , I'm just letting out a random idea for consideration.
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    Terminology question

    I think AC is damage reduction I take minimum hits 2 hp and pop resilience and still take 2hp damage so there is no invincibility from any mob.
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    My world: does every thing want me dead?

    I was just trying to give relax vibes sorry lol
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    Double drop bug

    I haven't seen much at all. Just a wolf dropping two pelts.
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    My world: does every thing want me dead?

    just do what feels good and go with love. you're good bro
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    My world: does every thing want me dead?

    yure good. bad teaches good. sorry I'm typing on phone but love will be free
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    Lesser known game mechanics

    it seems when I have high enough A.C. to receive minimum damage from mobs, resiliance will not reduce it anymore.
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    overwrite can happen by mistake

    imagine trying to continue a game, and by the slip of a finger or some nerve reaction we instead hit "start new game".. Then clicking on my main game. Yes there is a confirmation to click yes or no but would it be possible to make a failsafe like a box that makes us type "YES" .. I was a...
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    The Help Hub ☺- Advice, Quest Help, Walkthroughs, Equipment, Videos and More!

    I remember reading somewhere the difference between normal and hard but I cannot find it now. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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    What are somethings for the rich millionaires?

    an item that enables one to move very swiftly with a 1 second cool down, like an endless charge without attack. also, 500k worth while to open chakra equip. I know we have cloaks but I want to mention capes. Teleportation rod, Bluerock castle or deadwood for example. I hope I'm not spouting...
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    this game can be played offline. Bravo

    bravo. and it saves when I switch to another ap .. okay I'm done with praise mode. This is ultimate props now I will be quiet and enjoy lol
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    What are somethings for the rich millionaires?

    hmmm, mounts? quick travel option access at each town for a one-time hefty fee &quest. companion pets that die all the time cosmetic pets that do not engage combat pets that store items or have some other unique ability. cosmetics By the way I grinded for a few hours. For a warrior it's not to...
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    Suggestion for Summon Wolf skill

    I don't see the harm if a level 5 or 7 wolf stays alive for 60 seconds. I mean, make them invincible. It's not like they do a lot of damage either, but I popped one from a scroll and it was 1 hit destroyed by a weak mob.
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    Introduce yourself thread

    Hi i am the one and only Celfious. Real name Jeremy. I've been trying ap games for the past several months. Plants vs Zombies, Eternium, SimCity buildit, and a handful of others and finally, I found Exiled Kingdoms. It is clear this is the ap of APs for me lol. I get a couple of hours in at...