1. Arcanmaster

    New old challenge Wimpy Kid

    Original tread: "Wimpy Kid" Challenge Author's post: I'd like to propose a challenge. How high a level everyone can obtain on Ironmode without investing a single trait point in Strength, Endurance, or Agility. I know this challenge favors Cleric builds... be that as it may. Edited to change...
  2. DarthTomServo

    Myth: Mages are weak at low levels. Fake news.

    Inspired to post this because it seems like every time people describe each class, mage always gets "they're weak at low levels, but OP later on." I used to think so until trying this out. Hard mode with a mage. Was expecting a rough ride, but it's actually been a cake walk. At level 4 - 5...
  3. Owns

    Enjoy this Builds Planner v2.1

    I made a basic builds planner that I thought I'd share with the community. Please feel free to use it for yourselves to plan/share your own builds. To use it, just make a copy of the google spreadsheet, then you can do whatever you want with your own copy. It's pretty basic but has some...