crash report

  1. Theodoros

    crashing bug in iphone latest iOS

    Please fix a bug in iphone application (iphone 11, iOS 15), which has been there for almost 2 years now. The game crushes when changing regions or entering/exit dungeons. This happens mainly when at the same time the hero takes damage from mobs. Please fix it, because this is irritating.
  2. 0rion79

    Game crashes when restoring saves from on-line data

    Hi David! Really happy to be back here. I write you all here after reading about the latest news on Facebook but - as I have already written in the subject - I can't restore my online saves because the game crashes immediately thereafter. When I follow the basic instructions, the game easily...
  3. Ocelot100

    Game Crashes on Dead God Quest

    Hello, I am currently on the last step of the Dead God quest, after finishing talking to Tol instead of being teleported out the game crashes every time. I’ve tried about 20 times and it has crashed every time. As a side note I have noticed when entering areas the game will crash occasionally...
  4. Dvdst

    CRASHING REPORT IOS 13.3.1 IPhone 7

    Hello, I’m suffering a crash problem in the very early game, exactly in the Magistrate Steinz house, after falling in the trap of the man in black, when the game starts to charge the dungeon stage it crashes immediately. This problem appears every time I at this point.