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There's no reliable proof The Developer's ingame personal is a Batrax. Sure, he says that's the case, and his profile photo is of a Batrax.... But how reliable is that? If he's a 700 year-old rotting lich, do you really think he's going to put that out there? If he's an evil advisor hiding out in a certain stormy mountain range, do you think he's going to shout out the location of his hideout? My bet is he's the fourth witch.

Besides, I've seen the Developer's Tinder profile. He's clearly okay with twisting facts. :)

Hahahaha I'm crying!!!
"David, the Facts Twister"

The 4th Witch is Syllara, right? Unless she had 4 witches at her service... I just assumed she was the 4th...

I have another hypothesis about David's avatar in EK. While I'm still sure he's Stridsibum, he might also be... STRIX!!!!!

Always found Strix suspiscious. He knows too much.