...about the Royal Mercian Tombs (possibly story spoilers?)

Grim Rapper

is there any story correlation between the past Kings (and a Monarch, technically) and the loot they gave when you defeated them?

like the Founder of Mercian Kingdom, Tharum is beloved by the Free people is due to once-his Holy Helm(et) that has the engraving of The Three for some reasons? (and IMO this is way before the conflict between Mercia's conflict with Varsilia and Ilmara as the description of the later King)

and the Fourth King, Myrso with his title "The Merciful" due to his action on prisoner set to be executions (by night and day) and his once-possession of Wand of Power that "only an Arch-Mages" could handle, suggesting that Myrso is actually a Thuramian's/ The Wizard Guild employ

(or this is just me overthinking stuff? @^@)