Announcement for iOS players regarding last update 1.3

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As you know, I've always released updates simultaneously on all platforms. But this time, iOS players owning an iPhone or iPad will see a significant delay on the 1.3 update. Still, the current 1.2 version of the game in App Store will continue to be available for download and will work on their devices as usual.

The reason for this problem is that Apple has raised the hardware and software requirements for uploading updates to App Store, to the point where my Mac is unable to run the needed OS and XCode version (and it's not that old, really). This could be solved just by investing into new hardware and setting it up, but I fear there might also be some compatibility issues with the software libraries and frameworks I use to build Exiled Kingdoms version for iOS. EK is not made using the standard Apple development tools, and relies on third-party libraries like RoboVM which is becoming very dated, and always has problems to run on latest XCode.

In short: I am researching the issue and possible solutions. I'll do everything in my hand to procure an iOS release of the new 1.3 update as soon as possible, but it might take weeks, or even months. Also there's the possibility the game does not work under the new framework, or is unstable, so the update may not happen. Once I reach conclusions I'll update this post.

Just to clarify: this does not affect Android or Steam/GoG Desktop players, which will get the update normally.
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