Do you want to work with 4D Games? Junior 3D Artist wanted!


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The team creating Archaelund keeps growing; we're currently looking for a junior 3D Artist with some experience in Unity, Blender and possibly other 3D tools. In particular we need someone capable of preparing and optimizing props and buildings, sometimes create models from scratch and texturing them, but often it's about modifying and adapting models created by someone else. Regarding Unity, it is required to be able to work with textures and materials, and at least basic familiarity with shaders.

Eventually, opportunities for creative work on a higher level will also be available as the project expands beyond Early Access.

Above all we want someone that wants to create beautiful and unique things and leave a mark on the game we're creating.

If you think you meet the requirements and you want to be part of the team, write me at [email protected]

In your email please add some of your work so we can evaluate your skills.
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