Exiled Kingdoms changelog (older versions, 0.6 and below)


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v.0.6.883 - 22/3/16

-Fixed some map errors, in particular the bridges in Trollfens are back.
-Vaults expanded: you can have up to 4 vaults now.
-Travelling traders will offer a random selection of items.
-"Back" button added to area map.
-Fixed a crash that could happen when fighting near the edge of areas
-Fixed a crash that could happen when zoning with followers.

v.0.6.882 - 19/3/16

-Map format optimization: improved battery consumption, and removes lag in low-spec devices.
-Exit button added to main menu
-Attack button tap will be registered even if you use a skill button; attack will happen when you finish using the skill.
-The device "Back" button will work in all game screens now.
-Fixed a bug that could cause wrong spawns in a map after a reload.
-Crusader skill will now be correctly displayed on "details", and applied also to light and two-handed weapons.
-Fixed various collisions and geometry problems in maps.
-Fixed a few minor issues in dialogues
-Dozens of small fixes and optimizations.

v.0.6.881 - 6/3/16

-New area: Iron Valley (Still under development)
-New Dungeon: Gurguth Cave (near Trollfens, level 13+). Adjustments made to Trollfens.
-New quest added to Iron Valley.
-When resuming game, the latest save should be correctly selected.
-Weapon type is displayed when you examine an item (2-Handed, ranged, light...)
-Gossip skill will be applied correctly now.
-Shields won't add projectile defense when equipping a 2 hander.
-Strenght will be applied correctly to light weapons.
-fury will remain active after changing areas.
-fixed crashfix related to some missing/corrupted files.

v.0.6.879 - 28/2/16

  • Hotfix for ironman mode saving bug.

v.0.6.878 - 27/2/16

  • Quicksave button added
  • New portraits added
  • Memory optimization
  • New quest in Sydarun (level 8+)
  • "Continue Game" UI improved. Now "Continue game" will automatically open the latest save instead of asking you which to open. A button is provided to allow you to choose to continue from any save (in case something is wrong with the auto-save).
  • All effects on you or your companions will disappear when changing areas, and all enemies will be fully healed. Taking advantage of zoning in and out was
    never intended to be a valid strategy.
  • New Garand dungeon (main quest) can be re-visited now, and was slightly expanded.
  • -Minor fixes in a few quest dialogues and item descriptions (Prisoner of Orcs, Safe Bet, Where is Giles, and some roadsigns)

v.0.6.877 - 22/2/16

-Fixed a crash that could happen when entering Jabal Grotto
-Fixed a crash on Settings window.
-Companions (both in party and not) will have all their temporary effects removed when you sleep.

v.0.6.876 - 21/2/16


-Character slots increased from 4 to 10.
-Multiple Save slots added: one for autosave(sleep at inn) and 3 additional ones for manual saving.
-You can now save the game even if enemies are close or with low health.
-The game will now warn you about attribute-increasing items not stacking.
-If your device language is Spanish, the game will be configured to that language by default.


-names from monsters in unseen rooms will no longer appear flickering.
-stackable items can now be stored normally on full vaults that already have a stack of that item.
-music and sound disappearing bug should be fixed now.
-attribute raises will recalculate correctly.
-Memory optimization.


-Jabal Grotto/Web of Terror fix: If you defeated the boss, go back and check that throne! It was bugged previously.
-The Web of Terror quest no longer erroneously states in the journal that it can't be completed.
-Jabal Grotto: the quest Dubious Poetry will now start correctly

v.0.6.875 - 16/2/16

-New dungeon added (Jabal Grotto)
-Quest "A Web of Terror" is now completable.
-New Potion of Greater Healing added.
-New items added, and loot tables updated.
-When tapping on an item special property, you'll get information about what it does.
-potion icons updated, so you can differentiate them better in the quickslots.
-Fix:eek:rc archers now fire normally
-Enemies shot at long range will now aggro correctly.
-Many minor fixes.

v.0.6.874 - 8/2/16

-Added new magic items with bonus to detection, gossip and disarm devices.
-fixed a crash that happened when you enter wizard towers and a few other areas.
-Fixed a bug with Kick and Bash range when you equip a bow.
-Balance: Kick slow effect will be shorter. It was overpowered with ranged weapons. However, cooldown has been reduced.
-Bows have a 30% miss chance when enemies are very close.

v.0.6.873 - 5/2/16

-New weapon powers: orcslayer, vicious, holy, beastslayer, banishing. To see what they do, equip them, and check the "details" window. Not many of them around, yet.
-You loot gold coins automatically by getting close to them, without opening the loot window.
-New sprite for mace.
-New portraits added.
-Balance: you can only use one item every 3 seconds of game time.
-Balance: arrow range reduced.
-Memory optimizations.
-Bugfix: stab effect will go away if you switch weapons
-Bugfix: archery bonuses have been adjusted, and will now work properly
-Bugfix: bandits won't trigger their own traps.
-Fixed a crash that could happen if music files can't be accessed.

v.0.6.870 - 26/1/16


v.0.6.869 - 26/1/16

-Quickslots added! Assign them from your character screen.
-You can equip a shield while you equip a 2 handed weapon, but it will be "strapped to your back", and have no effect.
-Archery autotarget improved. Now, if you shoot and there's no enemy in that direction, you'll face the closest enemy and autotarget it.
-Fixed a crash with old versions of Google Play Store.

v.0.6.868 - 21/1/16

-Reduced lag and better animation syncing.
-Game icon size fixed
-Bugfix: solved pathing issue (NPCs moving back and forth instead of attacking)
-Bugfix: attack speed and other animations suddenly went up and down, solved.
-Bugfix: Some effects didn't properly finish after resting at the inn.
-Crashfix, preventing an error that could happen on a few devices.
-Fixed a script that could cause Teram the Scout not to spawn on his cell.

v.0.6.867 - 17/1/16

-Bugfix: explored maps will no longer be lost when you die. The revealed area will be more accurate to what is seen on screen.
-Fixed a few map problems in the Trollfens.
-Archery will now properly auto-target the closest enemy in the direction you are facing.
-South Jabal Hills area has now more content, but is still in progress.
-New Town Hall music.
-Many minor bugfixes, corrections and optimizations.

v.0.6.866 - 10/1/16

-New characters and dialogues in New Garand.
-Secret doors will remain visible forever once you discover them.
-New score system and scoreboards! check the Details section of your character.
-Bugfixes related with storing items in full containers, and other minor issues.

v.0.6.865 - 7/1/16

-New area, the Trollfens, and also new quests, monsters and items!
-Dungeoneering bonus to detection increased.
-Enemies launching projectiles will have a better synced animation, so you have time to dodge.
-Arbenos' Might cooldown reduced, from 25s to 15s
-You can no longer get stuck in the Magistrate's House, or the Great Library.
-Scrolls of Recall work fine around Sydarun again.
-minor bugfixes

v.0.6.863 - 2/1/16

-further revamped New Garand and Sewers with 3 new quests.
-fixed bugs with several quests and conversations.
-Personality, Awareness and Intelligence now affect more dialogues through the game.
-Fixed a crash that could happen on some devices.

v.0.6.862 - 31/12/15

-Expanded New Garand Sewers area. Still in progress!
-Quest "A Mad Wizard" is now complete.
-Fixed screen resolutions for various devices.
-Fixed a bug with the Mirmek Nest in Northern bluemist.
-Balance: in 'Normal' difficulty, enemies will be a bit easier at level 1 and 2, but more difficult from level 4+
-Fixed lots of minor bugs.

v.0.6.861 - 26/12/15

-New map: Rothama Cave, and quest Wild Mystery is now completable.
-Added a few new items.
-XP table adjusted.

v.0.6.860 - 25/12/15


v.0.6.859 - 24/12/15

-Fixed several bugs in quests.
-Devices with low memory will see a warning after install.
-Added a support button.

v.0.6.858 - 23/12/15

-Fixed Grissenda's quest and dialogue
-Minotaur damage adjusted.

v.0.6.857 - 22/12/15

-Many typos corrected
-Small map fixes
-New quest added.

v.0.6.856 - 20/12/15

-Release Candidate version
-Small bugfixes and adjustments.

v.0.6.855 - 20/12/15

-Bugfix: solved a lag spike that affected old savegames.
-difficulty adjusted, monsters will do a little less damage on level 4+ normal difficulty.
-Main quest modified

v.0.6.848 - 19/12/15

-New conversations and quests added
-Links to forums and facebook page added
-Game icon changed

v.0.6.847 - 16/12/15

-Bugfix: traps work again.
-Bugfix: lannegar mine can be accessed again.
-UI improved in character creation

v.0.6.845 - 15/12/15

-UI changes, mostly about Character Creation.

v.0.6.842 - 14/12/15


v.0.6.840 - 13/12/15

-New game beginning and starting area.
-UI fixes and adjustments.
-Fixed a hole in the world in North Sagar forest.
-Fixed a bug with aggro, now alerted monsters will aggro other nearby monsters.
-Fixed a bug that could cause (rare) random crashes.
-Nerfed Sneak Attack damage, but added a stun factor.
-Minor changes in Lannegar and Sagar forest maps.


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Re: Exiled Kingdoms changelog - updated 6/9 - 0.5.798

Previous versions changelog:

v.0.5.839 - 12/12/15

-License & Purchase system added.
-Fixed a bug related to Mirmek nests.

v.0.5.837 - 8/12/15

-Many adjustments done to skills.

v.0.5.836 - 6/12/15

-2 New item slots: belt, and a second ring.
-New quests and conversations in Sydarun Oasis.
-Added items that increase traits.
-Added poisons (usable by rogue only)
-Changed several quests and dialogues in Northern bluemist River

v.0.5.835 - 2/12/15

-UI fixes in low-res screens.

v.0.5.833 - 1/12/15

-Improved the Tavern UI
-Changed the appearance of Varannari
-Fixed a problem with the Iron-Man Leaderboard.

v.0.5.831 - 29/11/15

-UI Bugfixes

v.0.5.830 - 28/11/15

-Difficulty Levels added: Normal, Hard, and "Ironman". Ironman games don't allow save, and death is permanent. There's now a separate Ironman Leaderboard to list the XP records from each player.
-New Faction system. Your actions can cause you to become an enemy of a certain town or kingdom, be wary.
-Character creation now makes you choose your trait and skill increases before game starts.
-Balance changes: trait points at level 1 increased from 2 to 4, but only 1 Skill Point granted at level 1.
-Expanded conversations with companions. Still in progress.
-Bugfixes UI adjustments.

v.0.5.829 - 19/11/15


v.0.5.828 - 15/11/15

-Save your game at will! You can save in any outdoor area.
-Levers and other switches added to dungeons. Once activated, they may open doors,rise bridges, etc.
-Conversations are now affected by your traits. You will have new replies available, if your scores are high enough. Personality, Intelligence and Awareness will be the ones with more options. It only affects the early quests and conversations for now.
-The "More Goblin Hunt" quest has been entirely replaced with a more interesting one, "The Lost Explorer".
-Lannegar conversations have been improved.
-Conversation UI updated and improved.

v.0.5.827 - 6/11/15

-Bugfix: some games couldn't be reloaded, they'll work now.

v.0.5.826 - 2/11/15

-Changed the game files storage system, for faster loading speeds.
-Game screen is now zoomed out a little, so vision range will be increased.
-Adjustable controls size, so you can make UI smaller in tablets.

v.0.5.825 - 31/10/15

-Internal optimizations.
-bugfix:Firedancer Itharrak no longer spawns in the initial area.

v.0.5.823 - 27/10/15

-The 2 remaining Cleric skills have been added. All 28 base skills are in the game now.
-Some enemies use skills now, be careful...
-Balance: enemies do less damage from level 3 and onwards.
-Balance: some armors have been adjusted, especially chain and plate have been slightly nerfed.
-Rogue companions now try to disarm traps.
-Companion AI is able to use some active skills now: Stab, Whirlwind, Heal Wounds, and others.
-New item: Scroll of Detection.
-Bugfix: Cleave will no longer hit allies.
-Bugfix: Player now spawns a bit deeper inside the new area, so it's less likely to zone back accidentaly.

v.0.5.822 - 18/10/15

-Implemented cleric skill Crusader, Arebenos' Might, and improved holy Shield.
-Nerfed Warrior skill Cleave.
-Added new tip dialogue about sleeping at inns.

v.0.5.820 - 16/10/15

-Bugfixes (frozen AI, wrong skill refresh)

v.0.5.818 - 14/10/15

Note: if you see an "Alpha Expired" message since Oct. 15th, you need to update to this version.
-Bows added! You can now equip and use them, or put them on companions. Both Warriors and Rogues can use bows, but Rogues will be more skilled with them, especially if they pick the Archery skill. Balance still in progress.
-Companions now change in appeareance as you equip them.

v.0.5.816 - 12/10/15

-All 8 rogue skills are available and working now, although Archery isn't useful yet.
-Fixed a bug, in which certain enemies could stay frozen after being pushed.
-World map thumbnails are a bit bigger now.

v.0.5.815 - 10/10/15

-Warrior 8 skills are now complete and fully working. Bash has been included, replacing Kick which is now a rogue-only skill. 2-Handed Expert and Shield Expert are fully implemented now.
-Added a small thumbnail to each area in the World Map.
-Procs implemented (effects with a chance to fire on each attack). Right now, the only one is the Stun chance, if you use 2-Handed Expert.

v.0.5.814 - 7/10/15


v.0.5.813 - 6/10/15

-More hidden secrets, and a new quest added (Relics of the Mangled God)

v.0.5.812 - 5/10/15

-Bugfix: some lights were not displaying correctly.

v.0.5.811 - 4/10/15

-Dynamic lights added. Dungeons should look more realistic now, and towns will be lit by night.
-Secrets added to several dungeons.

v.0.5.810 - 27/9/15

-Traps can now be disarmed. If you are not a rogue, the chances will be very low.
-New Rogue skill: Trap Master. It gives a high bonus to disarm traps, and allows the rogue to set traps too.
-New skill level 4 for Whirlwind, Charge and Stab.
-Button added to reset all Traits (similar to the one that resets all skills), for Alpha testing purposes.

v.0.5.809 - 26/9/15

-Added new dungeon (Maze of Lamth).
-Secret doors are now more easily visible once spotted.
-Balance: base hit points reduced, but Endurance trait increases more your total hit points.
-Bugfixes, mostly related to skills.

v.0.5.806 - 24/9/15

-New skills UI, including the ability to assign them to slots.
-New skills added, and all skill points reset. Added a button in the Skills window to reset all skills for alpha testing, so reset will no longer be neccessary in future updates.
-Game Fonts changed.

v.0.5.805 - 21/9/15

-Charge skill added (Warrior). All skill points reset.

v.0.5.804 - 18/9/15


v.0.5.802 - 16/9/15

-New traits system! distribute points among strength, agility, endurance, awareness, intellect and personality. The automatic per-level increases to damage and armor have been removed.
-Many skills changed, a few removed, a few added. Skills are undergoing a big transformation, please be patient, there can be balance issues. (all points have been reset, so you can buy new skills)
-More secret doors and traps added.

v.0.5.798 - 6/9/15

-Secret doors and passages added to several dungeons. Sometimes they can be a shortcut to the deepest parts of the dungeon, sometimes reveal chambers with hidden loot...

v.0.5.797 - 5/9/15

-Traps added! Be careful in dungeons.

v.0.4.794 - 2/9/15

-Finished the rendering engine optimization.
-Changed the lighting system. No visible difference so far but soon dynamic lights will come.
-Fixed a bug in the clock, was not moving.
-Added a couple extra conversations.

v.0.4.792 - 30/8/15

-Major optimization. The game should perform much better and use less memory now.
-Starting tips during the first minutes of play.
-Corrected and expanded a few conversations.
-Fixed a few chests that were spawning no loot.

v.0.4.786 - 26/8/15

-2 new quests in Kingsbridge.
-Adjustments and small changes to NPC locations, to make them easier to find.
-Hired mercenaries are a bit more resilient now.
-Added several new items.

v.0.4.785 - 23/8/15

-Optimization: game is more memory-efficient now.
-Fixed the activable distance of containers. "Message in a bottle" quest is completable again.
-Bugfix: resting wouldn't sometimes respawn the areas properly.
-Player collisions fixed: the player collision was slightly displaced. Fixed.
-Fixed the ending of the "Important research" quest
-Dragonslayer achievement should be properly activated now... if you earn it.
-Balance: wolves are not so difficult now, white wolves are rare and do a little less damage. Imps do less damage.
-Raised the "cap" of reputation that you could get in town hall quests, from 30 to 70.

v.0.4.778 - 19/8/15

-Sprites upgrade! Just visual changes.
-Bugfix: you can now recover if enemies are close but they don't see you.

v.0.4.776 - 16/8/15

-Wizard Enclaves and new quests added

v.0.4.775 - 15/8/15

-Bugfixes, adjustments, grammar corrections.

v.0.4.764 - 12/8/15

-fixed stealth bug.
-fixed empty containers bug
-new quests and dungeons added.

v.0.4.762 - 11/8/15

-Added a few new quests, NPCs and dungeons.
-Small UI fixes

v.0.4.760 - 8/8/15

-Added the option to backup/restore your saved games to an external archive. You can now move your games between different devices.
-UI changes, Town Hall window and others
-XP changes: quests give a bit more XP, kills give a little less.
-XP table changed. Levels need more XP than before, from level 7+. This might cause you to go down a level but you won't lose your skills already trained, don't worry.
-Memory optimization.

v.0.4.758 - 5/8/15

-fixed some UI elements that looked too small in high resolutions.
-Journal: added option to filter out Town Hall quests.
-when invisible and close to enemies, the log will tell you their chances to listen to you.
-Stealth III now gives a 50% chance of not being spotted when opening doors or containers.
-Bugfixes and engine optimizations.

v.0.4.754 - 3/8/15

-changes to GPGS login, game will not login by default.
-memory optimization.
-solved a few UI glitches related with high resolutions.
-the Store is activated but just for internal testing, please just ignore it.

v.0.4.747 - 30/7/15

-World Map upgrade: you can select areas for basic information.
-New quests.

v.0.4.746 - 29/7/15

-Achievements and Leaderboard enabled. Check them in The Library section.

v.0.4.745 - 28/7/15


v.0.4.744 - 27/7/15

-Added character level in the UI portrait.
-Bugfix: crash in a loreseeker conversation (kingsbridge).
-Bugfix: World hole in the kingsbridge bandit cave entrance.
-Bugfix: Wrong character portrait when switching games.
-Bugfix: invisibility/stealth effect appeared sometimes on the wrong character.
-The Library enabled (Achievements, scoreboard). Still internal testing, please ignore.

v.0.4.743 - 26/7/15

-Areas: added Mount Storme, North Sagar Forest, and a couple dungeons. Others like Gorx Lair have been updated, with new bosses and items.
-Added cleric-specific weapons (maces). Clerics can no longer use shortswords.
-Added Shrines of The Three in some towns (Lannegar, Kingsbridge, Rhöneis, New Garand). There's quests and game lore in all shrines.
-Added a Boatman in New Garand. He doesn't require reputation.
-New step added to main quest stage 2, ("A key to the Past").
-Changed the conversation UI and made the NPC speech font bigger.
-Connection to Google Play Services. Still under testing, if you get an error message just ignore it.

v.0.4.742 - 9/7/15


v.0.4.741 - 6/7/15

-Random encounters in the roads added. Wandering merchants, bandit ambushes, or even dueling knights or damsels in distress will make your travels more interesting.
-New Area added (Imperial Coast) and new quests available in the New Garand area.
-Each Merchant will only buy certain types of items now.
-Adventurers for hire are now stronger, and their hiring fee scales with level, making them cheaper at game start.

v.0.4.740 - 23/6/15


v.0.4.739 - 23/6/15

-Spawns changed in Inori, Sydarun and Southern Jabal.
-New quest added in New Garand (Spiders' sacks).
-Changed the size of several monsters.
-Memory and performance optimization.
-Added potions and items to resist toxic and shock damage.
-Fixes to game log, including options to filter out combat (by default).
-Settings window can now be accessed from the game menu.

v.0.4.738 - 20/6/15

-Game Log added.
-Balance: Nayau Tomb is a little easier now. Overall, skeletons level cap has been reduced to 5.
-Bugfix: health bars appeared displaced after last update.

v.0.4.737 - 18/6/15


v.0.4.736 - 17/6/15

-Memory and graphical optimization. The game is lighter on memory usage now.
-New areas added: Southern Jabal Hills, Sydarun Oasis. Still rather empty, but they're there.
-Made the goblin spawns a bit easier in low levels. The new spawntables were too deadly...

v.0.4.735 - 12/6/15

-Screen orientation will now rotate if you rotate the device.
-Slightly lowered projectile damage.
-Fixed a bug that increased the DPS and HP of companions.
-Updated spawn tables for orcs. They should become more of a challenge(and provide better rewards) as you level up
-Fixed various small bugs.

v.0.4.734 - 7/6/15

-Fixed a bug with Whirlwind, monsters killed with it wouldn't award XP or loot.
-Projectiles added to the game: Some monsters have ranged attacks now! Player and companions still don't, but coming soon.
-New, more complex spawntables. Expect monsters to scale up in level as you level up, so your adventuring and travelling is both more challenging AND rewarding because you earn more XP and better treasure. However, things will remain reasonable and realistic. You will never see level 15 goblins, or level 25 wolves. As you level up, you'll feel how you surpass certain monsters. For now this only affects goblins and bandits, soon I'll begin working on other monsters as well.
-The Lannegar mine now gets "reopened" when you finish the "head hunting" quest. Soon there will be quests and conversations there.

v.0.4.731 - 4/6/15

-Bugfix build.

v.0.4.730 - 2/6/15

-Bugfix build.

v.0.4.729 - 1/6/15

-Various optimizations.
-Clarified the text in some quests, in particular Forgotten Lore.
-New music by Marcelo Fernández added.
-Some items changed due to balance.
-New content related to the main quest added.

v.0.4.720 - 24/5/15

-Added new quest in Jabal.
-Fixed quest Forgotten Lore, which could become bugged if you walked into certain dungeon too early. If you did it, the quest will be fixed when you load.
-Fixed stacking bug related to Take all button on full inventory.
-Fixed the collisions in Gorx Lair.
-Balance: monsters will be slightly stronger now in levels 5+.

v.0.4.719 - 17/5/15

-Various bugfixes related to item stacking
-The "Take" Button will be disabled when inventory is full.
-fixed viewport for aspect ratio different than 16:9
-Companions can now train skills! (just passive ones for now)
-Balance: Slightly nerfed Cleric skill Heal Wounds, and clerics can't wear plate anymore.

v.0.4.718 - 17/5/15

-Bugfix: conversation with the Librarian will no longer crash the game.
-Zaniel the Loreseeker is a bit easier to find now.
-Recall has a casting time of 3 seconds.
-Item stacking added (potions, scrolls, and other items like pelts, salts, etc will stack).

v.0.4.717 - 16/5/15

-Improved collision detection, you should be able to pass through narrow corridors more easily.
-Improved auto-facing on attack. Supposedly was fixed in .715, but it was still not right.
-Cleric items added:blessed chain set.
-Town Hall quests now give some XP too.
-Mapped keyboard for attack and movement (Enter + arrows)
-Fixed some loot tables - rubies were not dropping, and some monsters dropped nothing.
-New content added, included a new step of the main quest.

v.0.4.716 - 10/5/15

-Sleeping at inns is now cheaper.
-Recall scrolls added, which teleport you to the closest town.
-New area: Loreseekers' Great Library. Still a bit empty...
-Quest Forgotten Lore is now completable.
-New General Skill: Extra Recovery, gives extra recovery uses per day.
-Fixed a bug that could cause a crash in northern Jabal hills.
-Adjusted NPC lifebars for lower resolutions
-Various fixes in quests and conversations.

v.0.4.715 - 8/5/15

-More visibility at night
-When player attacks, if already facing an enemy, he won't auto face the nearest enemy.
-Whirlwind skill is faster now.

v.0.4.714 - 7/5/15

-added new quest in Rhöneis

v.0.4.713 - 6/5/15

-Bugfix related to the main quest.
-Fixed some windows for very low resolutions.

v.0.4.712 - 5/5/15

-Fixed a bug with companion regeneration
-Added new quests and areas

v.0.4.711 - 2/5/15

-Mana and spellcasting mechanics added.
-Cleric class added, including 4 class skills.
-Animation speed for walking was adjusted to match the movement speed better.
-New area added (Northern Inori).
-Finding quest targets is easier now.
-Added an information window when you recruit a companion.


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Re: Exiled Kingdoms changelog -updated Dec 13th

v. 0.4.700 - 15-4-2015

Added a lot of content and upgrades

v. 0.3.674 - 18-3-2015

Added more NPC sprites, added new areas, memory optimization, UI fixes.

v. 0.3.667 - 1-3-2015


v. 0.3.664 - 28-2-2015


v. 0.3.658 - 25-2-2015


v. 0.3.657 - 24-2-2015


v. 0.3.654 - 23-2-2015


v. 0.2.615 - 16-2-2015


v. 0.2.610 - 6-2-2015


v. 0.2.566 - 24-1-2015

First private 0.2 Alpha version.