Holy Cleric / Double Cleric.


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I ran a test of playing a Cleric dedicated to The Three paired with Hirge. No issues to report. Nothing unexpected. Game seems balanced for that pairing.

Might made up for limited weapon use in early game, and Battle Prayer tipped the scales for the rest of the game.

Flames of Faith and Battle Prayer did better than Duel + Heavy Hand against bosses, but was very mana intensive. Battle Prayer was useful to use multiple times in a dungeon run to help edge out enemies.

I gave Hirge Might 1 to help with her damage output. Keeping it at Level 1 reduced mana use for her. Giving her Level 2 or Level 3 would have helped offset the healing-with-fire issue. I gave her a shield but she would have done good with a 2-H weapon. I had her max out Duel and Heavy Hand as advanced skills at the cost of her only learning Heal 2. I would suggest giving her Heal 3, and skipping Duel and using skill points elsewhere.

Quest options based on being loyal to The Three were obvious (either a character tells you directly, or a reputation). No real impact on the game... yet. Failing to rob the bank didn't result in loosing anything of long-term consequence.

With two clerics, purchasing healing potions was really a non-issue. That allowed saving up money pretty fast.

Conclusion: The Holy Cleric build paired with Hirge is a viable pairing. Nothing to recommend to adjust for the next update.