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Newbie here so Feel free to link me to prior posts on mechanics/tactics/builds. Just downloaded game this week. Love the traditional classes and build options. Good graphics for a mobile game. Warrior tank/Paladin is usually the easiest character to learn a game for me. I find HP drain to be excessive and not sure how to manage it. If I understand the mechanics, every enemy attack hits for damage. (Rats dropped me 9HP). Armor is damage reduction but not total, just a range (1-6, for 6 armor). If this is correct I take say 3 damage/ goblin attack. He gets in 2 strikes before I kill him=6HP. I encounter 10 of them getting to the dungeon =60HP. So I'm already on my first of 2 refresh healing starting out. I know agi, & skills can help, but I either have to use lower level and WAIT for regen, or spend much time walking through goblins to rest repeatedly. Walking or waiting do not make an rpg fun. All help and references are appreciated. I was hoping there would be a couple options for cleric builds (melee vs spell focus). But I can't see buying it until I can enjoy it. Thanks again.


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THere are healing potions and scrolls, just they are expensive at low level, so you have to proceed carefuly at the begining. Easiest way to get acustomed to the game is to play cleric first, because he can heal himself a lot and has cheap mana potions available at wizards towers.
And also can cast spell that reveals hidden doors in dungeons. This is game is quite outstanding ,but for new player not very intuitive. Veteran players dont have any problems with hp no matter what class they are using. You can have companion and its Grisenda if you bring her ring from dungeon, can be done even at level 2 .Then enemies will always aggro on first person they can see , so let her take damage, she will resurect with 50% hp after dying automaticly and you dont need to worry about spending potions on her. If you will progress further in game , gold is not an issue and you can buy best healing potions in 100s .


Hi @Gr8Scott !
Welcome to the deadly continent of Varannar, where the weak perishes and the strong... well, the strong survives a bit longer. But most end up dead eventually loll.

Early game, HP is hard to replenish.
The General Skill Extra Recovery will make you more durable, learn it. Don't be afraid to learn the "wrong" skills, you'll have the opportunity to reset your skill points later in the game (for a steep price, of course).

The best way to maximise HP, in my opinion, is to learn how to manage your companion. Companions can take a lot of damage, faint like pokemon, then they get back up again at 50% HP. Don't hesitate to hide behind Grissenda or even push her into a swarm of monsters. She can take it loll.

As for potions, buying them at full price is for the rich only. Find Alchemist Markus in Lannegar, and bring him a Blue and a Red Orchid. For 100 gold coins, he'll craft you a 60 HP Potion. The flowers are easy to find and grow back every day or so, and the price is quite reasonable. With a bit of work, you'll have enough potions to survive the early stages of the game.

Also, Orcs sometimes drop potions. You can hunt them for decent equipment too.

Later in the game, if you're like me and love to play tough guys, the Advanced Skill Body Development will give you a massive increase in HP. It can be learned in the Warrior's Guild's tower in the city of Nivarian. You'll need to prove yourself to the guild, though.

Good hunting, soldier!


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Wish I'd looked at this page when I started playing EK. The links have some great information and after reading them I had some "doh!" moments

Would love to see the tips and tricks page linked on the front page and a link in the tips and tricks page to the game mechanics page.