Medipack Farming?


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I'm working on building up my warrior to run the ark and thus, want to farm out some medipacks as I assume they're faster to farm out than triple golden apples, lol.

What's your strategy? Pathing? I'm so used to dragging Hirge along as a heal-bot, that I cringe everytime I have to use potions xD. I might feel better if I have a hundred or two in reserve.. :p I'd like to optimize my farming, if possible.

Currently, I'm at the point where I've just entered the Ark for the first time and I can take on Spiders, reasonably, but I do have to pop a heal every couple of kills. I've farmed up about 40 Elixers of Gallade thus far, but I've got nearly 500hp and would really like to only use them when I need the armor buff during boss fights, and medipacks the rest of the time.


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Have you gone done to the reactor room, yet? If you're able to make it through that area, you'll find some equipment that's helpful for melee characters, plus you have a chance to earn a bonus skill point and progress the plot. See Wiki for more.

If you'd rather stay on the main floor, than try clearing the floor, re-charge via the med room, leave the Arc and re-enter. Clear path to med-room (either one), that way if you have to heal abruptly, you can. Than once you have a path to a med room, clear the floor.

If you're still looking for arc equipment, target chests over kills first. Arc equipment makes a world of difference in the Arc.

Once you feel you're strong enough, you can start clearing the main floor and reactor floor. Just keep in mind, once you use the stair cases, the floor re-sets, so it's possible to get trapped with low life by the stairs with full dungeons either way.