Sticky thread suggestion


I've seen a lot of posts looking for early game help.

Perhaps it would be beneficial if we created a sticky thread with a bit of a walkthrough for early game, with build suggestions for each class that can help those with struggles get a handle on the game. Say up to level 9 or 10, or up to the beginning of the shards of fate. (Vdx did a great job with this in a recent mage thread, breaking down the earliest levels in terms of skills and attributes and gear)...

Traits: AGL 1, INT 1, AWA 1, PER 1.
Skills: Staff Mastery 1.
Notes: On reflection, Mage Armor would have been a better choice. Mage was a little fragile in the earl game.

Level 2:
Traits: INT 2,
Skills: Lessor Summon

Level 3:
Traits: PER 2
Skills: Staff Mastery II
Notes: Reached Level 3 as completing Seeds of Trust, got Griss as Companion at Level 3. Bought some leather gear from Lannegar. Tried to take out the Fire Goblin but was a little under prepared. Not quite there to do it easily.

Level 4:
Traits: AWA 2
Skills: Lessor Summoner II
Took out Fire Goblin. Much easier. It's amazing what a few potions can do.

Level 5:
Traits: INT 3
Mage Armor 1

Level 6:
Traits: AGL 2
Skills: Mage Armor 2
Note: reached Level 6 as searching body in magister's house, got Hirge right after.

Level 7:
Traits: INT 4
Skills: Staff Mastery 3
Note: On reflection, getting PERS 3 first would have allowed learning Fire Mastery a little sooner. See next entry.

Level 8:
Traits: PERS 3
Skills: Fire Mastery 1, Mana Surge 1
Note: Completed first two wizard tower quests, plus A Fair Deal to get Wizard Guild Rep. Learned Fire Mastery as soon as PERS raised to 3.

Level 9:
Traits: points not in use
Skills: Mana Surge 2
Notes: Reached Level 9 after saving the prisoner from the orcs. Completed Fort Assault right away.

Of course, not everyone needs it or wants it. But for those who are finding it difficult to enjoy the game because its more demanding than some typical mobile games, it may be helpful to have a dedicated thread to point to, rather than retyping similar things again and again.
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