The new skill Beast Master is useless!!!

I can't believe how useless is the new skill "Beast Master", so it summon a bear, but even if you max the skill lvl you only have a lvl 10 bear?
Useless! I'm facing lvl 15 enemies and the bear dies so fast that i can say for sure that it's the worst summon skill in the game...

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The bear isn't supposed to be your main summon, it isn't supposed to tank things, it's just extra damage, like guardian wolf.


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Beast Master will help your character, it won't define it.

Beast Master also gives a DAMAGE BOOST against beast type enemies. That adds up to quite a lot of damage through beast areas. Giant cats, giant lizard, dragons, minotaurs, etc.... That alone is worth the skill points, esp at Level 1.

Beast Master is a general skill without a class restriction or a mana cost. Think about that. A rogue or a Warrior can summon a bear in the middle of an intense fight. Mages and Clerics can summon a bear in an emergency. For Cleric's using Intervention, they can often be caught without mana so the ability to summon a Level 10 bear can buy them precious seconds. So while a Level 10 (or Level 13) bear might not hold up against a Level 18 Iron golem, it's still useful.

As a general skill, there's no need to get it. If you don't like it, don't use it. A lot of players play the game without investing in general skills. Nothing wrong with that. Not all builds will get the same benefit from every skill.

During Beta testing of the game, there was some feedback about reducing the very long cool down of the skill as that was one frustrating thing about the skill. As for the Level of the Bear, It does get outmatched end-of-game but remains useful. A stronger bear was just too powerful.
If you are a Cleric, and you have Hirge, you should be able to keep the lv 10 bear alive for a while, and the Bear can do some ok damage.

If the Bear dies, then you can just replace it with your Wolf(Summon Wolf 1,2,3(Get by joining Cleric guild as a Cleric).

And if your Wolf dies and you have to wait for the cool down to summon another Wolf, then you can summon the Bear to replace your Wolf.

Also at levels 7,8,9,10,11,12,13, the Bear can still be very effective.

Also if you get the Summon Skill and put it at Rank 3, your Bear will be a Level 13 Bear.

The Wolf Skill, Summon Skill, and Beast Master Skill, Summon Bear Skill, altho can use Bear with any class, its best to help a Cleric become a sort of Druid.

Also a Mage can use the Bear Pretty Good. The Warrior, and Rogue usually dont make as good of use of the Bear as Cleric, Mage does.

The only bad thing about it, is the insane cool down time for the Bear.

But I wouldnt be surprised to see the Cool Down for the Bear to be greatly reduced in future updates.

Its all in how you play it the Bear. And playtesters found ways to make the Bear very useful.

Instead of complaining, saying how bad the Skill, Bear is, how about you listen to what has been said, and or try to find a way to use the Bear effectively.

But if you cant find a way to have the Skill, Bear be successful to you, then you dont have to use the Skill, Bear, and instead of telling other players how bad it is, you can let them find out for themselves how effective the Bear is or not.

Dont be so quick to rush to judgement, on a Skill, the Bear.

Makes me want to get the Skill, Bear to prove you wrong.

Only reason I didnt get the Skill, Bear, is that by the time I did Path of the Deer, got the 25 Rep with Vannarri, etc, I was too high Level(Level 19,20,21)

But I can probably get the Path of Deer, 25 Rep with Vannari, and the Skill, Bear at about 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th level, and do pretty well with the Bear, Cleric, Hirge, Wolf, Mercenary.


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I got Beast Master I primarily for the +2 damage; I figured the bear would be useful now and then to rescue me. It's been great in the arena - just what a rogue needs to activate Sneak Attack. Two duels won because of it (the Deserter and the Minotaurs).

Also the bear stays around for way longer than 30 seconds now. Hirge kept Busby (as I've named him) alive in the Royal Crypts after one bout for ages.
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The bear is useful as a distraction. The additional beast or beast like added hit damage is always welcome. General skills are, well, general. I find it a lot more useful then dungeoneering and gossip.


Indeed. It is not the most powerful skill but it helps. Maybe the bear may last longer but may help in some situation. In short, at lower levels, it is a big help while at higher levels the main deal is the damage vs. animals and semi-animals.

+2 damage per rank when hitting animals and semi-animals as Vorators, Alpha sabercats and corrupted sabercats, kurg apes, primeval bears, winter wolves and - MAYBE - even others depending by what it is considered being "semi-animal". Maybe rexadons, minotaurs, and other things as insects, parassites etc.
Are insects considered as animals? And dragons? If so, it would be the wider category of targets, making it a very versatile ability.

In short, the bear is very useful at early stages while the damage is increasingly useful as you level up.
Maybe the point is that you need to be a high level character in order to get a high reputation with the Varannari, so you may get that skill a bit late in the game and is too costly...
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I love the bear!
But he's a friend, not a tank.

Only thing I would like is a reduced cooldown and / or longer duration. Ideally, a 3 minutes duration and a 3 minutes cooldown so I'm never without my bear friend ;)