Upgradeable weapons


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I think it would make a pretty nice additions to the game if you let us players to upgrade our weapons, armour and accessories like if you're at any towns, there will be a blacksmith shop and its own NPC which u could interact with them (obviously) and to upgrade our gear and stuff we can either use money or use some raw materials such as emerald and other materials since you cant do nothing with those stuff other than sell them for coins or keep them as your collection in your vaults. And maybe even add some special effects on them like adding a holy enchantments to a hammer and any other possible enchants.

Anyone agree with my suggestions ?


This is something I always wish was possible in rpg's. Considering this game is already complete I doubt something like this would be added but maybe something to consider for Archaelund.

Even Divinity Original Sin 2, which has a pretty deep crafting system and allows crafting of armor and weapons still holds back in letting players enhance the crafted equipment. I loved the crafting system in that game because nearly every single item that exists in the game there is also a recipe for crafting it, from consumables to skill books, to weapons and armor of most variety with the caveat that equipment will be crafted with only basic stats, no enchantments like elemental damage or extra effects like vampirism. But this made the game world feel a lot more real, items "physically" existed in the world, and the ingredients to craft them also "physically" existed, not just programmed numbers, including what merchants were selling.

I guess freedom with crafting can potentially interfere with the looting system that is part of the gameplay loop, and could making balancing more difficult but I really wish a solution could be found. Giving players more options is usually a good thing, for example you can either gather and craft or dungeon crawl to find equipment you're looking for. Like how it's done in some MMORPGS.


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You mean like the one with Stridsibum? I actually proposed a full quest about it.

Upon arriving on Urk-Daonassar, you may chat with the Orc armor and weapons merchant, and he will tell you about the Legendary Blacksmith. You will need either INT 4 or PER 4 check to learn that this blacksmith, in fact, was last seen on the Dragon Mountain. You will go the Dragon Mountain area, and after fighting your way through the overwhelming numbers of cunning Goblins (Hobgoblins and Dragon Priest alike), Drakes, and powerful Dragons, you will find a cave where someone definitely lives there. You will find some racks of weapons and armors, piles of straws, ponds of clean and drinkable water, and some space that looks like kitchen. You will encounter an Orc, named Xnaurl Steelbringer. He will ask you to find him or buy him a golden bolt for his blacksmith tongs. The racks, the straw piles, the ponds, and kitchen will all be interactable. (is this even a word? lol) The fastest way is to approach the piles of straws and find the bolt among them, and if you have AWA 5, you can find the golden bolt among the straws. This option will earn you the Achievement "Eyes Sharper than even Diamond" or "Hawkeye". Alternatively, you can just buy the bolt in Urk-Daonassar armor/weapon trader. Returning the bolt to Xnaurl will earn you the "Goblin Slayer" short sword with Beast slayer attribute. The short sword will have the highest attack speed that could rival a dagger. Xnaurl will now be able to craft you a special weapon: choose any basic non-elemental weapons (Iron, Steel, Bluesteel, and Silver), and as for bow, only Short Bow, Hunting Bow, or Oak Bow, and then choose an element for it:
- 2 Rubies or 5 Fire Salts = Fire, alternatively: 1 Ruby and 3 Fire Salts
- 2 Sapphires or 5 Living Ices = Ice, alternatively: 1 Sapphire and 3 Living Ices
- 2 Pearls or 5 Sparkling Powders = Thunder, alternatively: 1 Pearl and 3 Sparkling Powders
- 2 Chitin Carapaces or 10 Small Diamonds = Spirit, alternatively: 1 Chitin Carapaces and 5 Small Diamonds
- 20 Zombie Fleshes or 10 Skulls or 2 Demonic Skulls = Death, alternatively: 10 Zombie Fleshes and 5 Skulls, or 5 Skulls and 1 Demonic Skull
- 4 Giant Mamba Fangs or 2 Coral Snake Fangs = Toxic/Poison, alternatively: 2 Giant Mamba Fangs or 1 Coral Snake Fangs
and, dojyaaan! You have yourself a weapon with +5 customized elements, and more powerful than the available one.
I want to add Attribute, but I'm still confused as to how, and the weapon would be way too OP.

There is another one, but again, still just a proposal.


I am afraid that a standard crafting system is out of reach for the current game engine. Also grinding for gems is super-boring.
Instead, it would be great to add the chance to upgrade unique items and weapons! That would be awesome!