A Fair Deal

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Side Quest: A Fair Deal
A Fair Deal.png
Starting Location
Kingsbridge (City)
Given By
Give Janod items:
Cloak of the Wolf ♦ 300 XP
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A Fair Deal is a quest given to you by Janod at Kingsbridge (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 14 - Completable (can be missed)

Janod is another one of Adaon's victims. Instead of asking for charity, he would prefer to trade services. He will make you an enchanted cloak if brought the needed materials and 500 gold.

Quest Steps

  1. Discuss your similar problems with Janod.
  2. Kill White Wolves north of Lannegar for a White Wolf Pelt.
  3. Collect a Small Ruby.
  4. Trade Janod pelt, ruby and 500 gold for an enchanted cloak.


Kingsbridge (City)Janod

Detailed Walkthrough

You will find Janod on the western side of the Kingsbridge bridge. He is a wizard from Whitewater in Thuram who encountered Adaon and was robbed of all his belongings. He is too proud to accept any form of charity, but is in need of funds. He has skill as a weaver and offers a trade instead. If you can bring him a small ruby and a white wolf pelt, he will craft a magical protective cloak, for a 500 gold fee.

White wolves are scattered throughout several northern maps (North Sagar Forest, Wyvern Mountains, Iross Highlands, Thyr Ridges, Frozen Depths). An accessible lone wolf, suitable for very low-level players without a companion, can be found up the road from Lannegar (City) north into Northwest Sagar Forest, after a few standard wolves it is just left of path, before the bridge. If it does not drop a pelt you can sleep in Lannegar to the south and retry.

You can get small ruby very early in the game if you bully Teram for a reward in The Lost Explorer, the reputation loss is slight and easily fixable. Alternatively a small ruby is in reward chest in A Wild Mystery. Otherwise look to loot drops from the likes of Fire Mirmek, Flame Priest, Hell Hound, Imp and Imp Lord.

Back in Kingsbridge, Janod will complete the trade with you and create the Cloak of the Wolf for you. You will also gain 300 XP and reputation gains in Thuram and the Wizard's Guild.


Quest Rewards

Give Janod items:



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