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Coordination, speed, balance, and manual dexterity. It is a versatile trait, useful in many areas.
― In-game description

Agility (AGI) is a trait that is primarily used by Rogues, who benefit from its bonuses to light weapons, armor, and trap and lock handling. Clerics have also been known to pick up a couple points when favoring lighter weapons (and to get the armor and traps and locks bonuses). This trait is also taken by those on Ironman difficulty to increase survivability.

You can also equip certain armor items to give this trait a boost.

Agility Benefits

Benefits Relationship to other Traits
Each point of AGI grants +1 Armor Better than Awareness
Each point of AGI grants +5% chance with traps and locks Better than Intellect
+1 damage/AGI point with light weapons Better than Strength
+1 damage/AGI point with ranged weapons Better than Awareness
+0.5 damage/AGI point with hand weapons Worse than Strength
Agility score In-game message
0 You can walk without tripping. Most of the time.
1 Not too gangly. Sometimes you manage to get away from danger.
2 Well coordinated, you can juggle a bit. Just don't use knives.
3 You can tumble, walk on your hands... Consider a circus career.
4 You could steal a banana from a monkey.
5 It's as if you floated. You don't move the same way as other human beings.

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