Amulet of Dark Whispers

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Amulet of Dark Whispers
A strange symbol of a winged woman is engraved on it.
― In-game text


Transforms from the Amulet of Whispers, if you choose to give Syllara her heart during the quest Lady of the Night.

This is a Unique item, found only once.




Group Slot War Rog Cle Mag All Cost Sell Price
Neck 8000 2000
Armor Health Mana Attribute Resistance Traits
-25 50 Stun Immunity Awareness.png 2


  • Currently the only known item that provides stun immunity to all classes - the only one warriors and mages can use.
  • Very helpful in Ark of Lothasan against the Steel Wizards
  • The +50 Mana benefit has no effect on non-mana based classes such as Warriors or Rogues.Such classes cannot cast spells.