Ancient Tolassian Tome

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Ancient Tolassian Tome
This old book is almost crumbling to dust. You can only read it once... but do you want to?
― In-game text


An extremely rare and very valuable book, these tomes are so old that they can only be read once before they crumble to dust and disappear from the player's inventory. Their teachings will grant one extra trait point to the reader immediately upon use, just as two are given for levelling up. Note that they are for trait points only, not skill points, and there are no ways of using them to obtain skill points instead.

They can be found in hidden libraries located in ancient tombs of the long dead Tolassians. These books will almost always be stored upon bookshelves that are guarded by special Librarian enemies, who are particularly strong, and within rooms that are behind secret doors. Otherwise they are in the possession of extremely powerful, magical entities such as the ancient dragons and Lichs. Note that while certain fixed enemies that you defeat only once (such as The Abbot) are guaranteed to drop a tome once and only once, rumor boss villains (such as a White Dragon) have a very low probability of dropping a tome. Getting a tome from a rumor boss is like winning the jackpot in the Exiled Kingdoms lottery. Enjoy it if it happens, but if you expect it to happen, you may be disappointed.

This is an Uncommon item, a rare drop or obtainable from faction specific merchants.



No known associated quests


Group Stackable Value CostEffectEffect Amount
Scroll 250 1000Gain Trait Point1