Arbenos' Might

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Arbenos' Might

The power of Arbenos the Warrior envelopes you, in the form of sacred flames. You will do more damage, both normal and fire based. Double effect with 2H weapons.
― In-game text

A Cleric using Arbeno's Might channels power from Arbenos the Warrior, one of The Three, to envelop themselves in flames. This results in increases in both normal damage and fire damage for a short time.

Using a two-handed weapon will double the listed increase in physical damage without increasing the amount of fire damage. Thus, a Cleric using a two-handed maul will get a bonus of +16 damage, and +4 fire damage when using Level 3 Arbeno's Might.

The fire damage from Arbenos' Might meets the fire damage requirement to kill trolls. Conversely, the fire damage will heal fire elementals that receive health from fire attacks.


War Rog Cle Mag


Level Effect Cost CooldownMana
1 You do +3 damage, and +4 fire damage, for 12 seconds. 1 20


2 You do +5 damage, and +4 fire damage, for 14 seconds. 2 20 4
3 You do +8 damage, and +4 fire damage, for 16 seconds. 3 20 7

Enemies Using this Skill

Name Type Level XP Health Armor Damage DPS Resistances