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Many items in the game possess special attributes, thus granting the character certain bonuses when equipped. These attributes often come in different ranks (I, II, III,...), referring to increasing bonus levels. They are not to be confused with Traits or the different Weapon Types.

Attributes can be categorized into two classes, inherent to weapons and armor (i.e. all non-weapon equipment), respectively. In either case, these attributes are displayed in light blue beneath the item name in the Character Sheet and the corresponding description can be viewed by tapping on them.

Weapon Attributes

The Orcslicer has Orc Slayer at rank II.

Some weapons have special attributes, making them particularly useful towards certain creatures. For a list of all the weapons possessing a certain attribute visit the Equipment List.

Note that effect attributes - just like damage bonuses - are cumulative and triggered once, not separately. For example a Permafrost Bow with Stun 1 (5% Stun) and one level of the Rogue Archery skill (3% Stun) yields a single Stun chance of 8%.

Attribute Description
Arcane Requires spending +1 mana per rank to be used.
Banishing +2 damage per rank when hitting outsiders (Demons, Elementals, Shadows etc.).
Beast Slayer +2 damage per rank when hitting animals and semi-animals.
EMP 8% base chance + 4% per rank to spend an Ancient Battery and deal 40-60 shock damage in addition to weapon damage (plus paralyze Robots) .
Holy +2 damage per rank when hitting Undead.
Orc Slayer +2 damage per rank when hitting Orcs.
Paralysis 6% chance of paralyzing enemies for 5 seconds when hitting them.
Silver Deal full damage to werewolves and other Shapeshifters which are otherwise resistant to normal damage.
Slow 6% chance of slowing enemies for 6 seconds when hitting them.
Stun 5% chance of stunning enemies for 2 seconds when hitting them.
Vicious +2 damage per rank when hitting enemies that are under 30% health.

Armor Attributes

This Ilmaran Signet Ring has Detection at rank I.

Some armor items also have special attributes, granting the character additional bonuses. For a list of all armor items possessing a certain attribute visit the Equipment List.

Attribute Description
Anti-Rad Provides partial protection from the glowing particles in the Ashen Wastes.
Detection +3% to Perception (chance to detect hidden objects) per rank.
Gossip +3% to Gossip (chance to learn rumors at inns) per rank.
Shield Subtract 40-100% of Armor rating from each hit, instead of the normal 20-100%.
Stability Grants immunity to knockback.
Stun Immunity Grants immunity to Stun and the duration of Paralysis is halved.
Tinkering +5% to Disarm Devices (chance to deactivate traps or other devices) per rank.
Wisdom +2% XP bonus per rank.