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Environmental Dangers

There are various environmental threats throughout the Exiled Kingdoms which may harm the unwary and unprotected adventurer. The table below provides an overview on the different types of dangers. Note that the given damage is valid for Casual and Normal difficulty. On Hard or Ironman the damage is increased by 25%.

NameDamage per SecondDescription
Flames.pngFlamesFire.png 6-64Probably the most common elemental danger. Flames occur in many places, sometimes in abundance (e.g. in The Deep Cauldron, Hellish Cave, or Elemental Plane of Fire), and may have very different intensities. You need high Fire resistance for protection.
Blizzard.pngBlizzardCold.png 25Floating clouds of ice and snow meandering on the map in an apparently random fashion. They only occur in the northern part of Varannar, in the Kingdom of Thuram. You need high Cold resistance for protection.
Toxic Fumes.pngToxic FumesPoison.png 9-22A popular element for torturing adventurers caught in cage traps (e.g. in Irazur Tomb, Azagul Tomb, or Kurgua Cave). Other areas where toxic fumes occur in abundance are the Wyverntail Complex and the Sewer of Horrors. Also exhaled by some enemies, such as Ancient Mummies. You need high Toxic resistance for protection.
Death Fumes.pngFumes of DeathDeath.png 60-100It's not clear what exactly these fumes consist of, but they deal a lot of death damage. They are most prominently encountered in the Imperial Fortress. You need high Death resistance for protection.
Glowing Ashes.pngGlowing Ashes120Remnants of a long forgotten catastrophy, floating through the Ashen Wastes and Ashen Cape. You need to wear special equipment (Strange Hood, Goggled Helmet) to protect from these deadly glowing balls.
Energy Beam.pngEnergy BeamShock.png 400Highly sophisticated protective measures encountered in the Ark of Lothasan. You need high Shock resistance for protection.


Apart from the environmental dangers above, which deal damage over time, there are also different kinds of traps waiting for the inobservant adventurer. They deal one-time damage when stepped into, scaling with the level of the trap. Note that the given damage is valid for Casual and Normal difficulty. On Hard or Ironman the damage is increased by 25%.

NameDamage per LevelDescription
Bear Trap.pngBear Trap4Often encountered in the wilderness, in rare cases also in dungeons. It deals moderate damage and slows your character for the next couple of seconds.
Spike Trap.pngSpike Trap8The deadly standard trap encountered in most dungeons. It may easily kill a character when low on health, so make good use of health potions while exploring.