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Party Members are NPC's that can join you on your journey through the Exiled Kingdoms. Upon joining, party members will follow you and assist you in attacking enemies. There are four types of Party Members: Main Companions, Hired Mercenaries, Summoned Creatures, and Quest NPC's. Companions play a major role in the game and are the most important party members you'll come across.

Main Companions

Main Companions, often just called Companions, are the three Companions that can join your party. Only one Companion can join your party at a time. You can switch between Companions throughout the game. Having a companion in your party will reduce the Experience Points you receive by 20%. Companions receive 70% of the Experience you receive, not including factors that increase earned experience such as Intellect level or Scrolls of Wisdom.

There are currently three Main Companions in the game, a rogue, a warrior and a cleric.

  • Adaon: You first meet this rogue during the tutorial of the game A Forest Road. Adaon joins your party and soon after robs you in your sleep. Your future ability to recruit Adaon as a Main Companion requires you to save him from his cage during A Mysterious Letter.
  • Grissenda: You first meet this warrior outside the entrance to Kleyou Tomb. Your ability to recruit Grissenda as a Companion requires you to return her ring to her in the quest A Warrior's Honor.
  • Hirge: You first meet this Cleric at the encampment in the Great Inori. Retrieving the Holy Symbol in Restoring the Faith will allow you to recruit her as a Companion.

Companions also have unique quests that relates to their backstory and their advancement in their class. Those quests are unlocked as the game progresses. Completing those unique quests will unlock Advanced Skills for the Companion. Each Companion starts with a fixed assortment of skills as well as four Advanced Skills that are unlockable later in the game. You can control how to allot skill points among your Companions, but not alter the skills they know.

Main Companions receive one skill point and one trait at level up. Companions will also be at a lower level than your Main Character due to the reduced experience they earn. This results in Companions having much lower traits and skill sets than the Main Character. They can have their traits and skills reset by paying a substantial fee to an NPC qualified to perform resets.

You can outfit your Companion with better equipment the same way you equip your main character. Companions can use potions and scrolls, if they meet the requirements to use the items.

Companions DO NOT die in battle. When a Companion's hitpoints reach zero, they fall unconscious. They will wake-up, or re-spawn, with a portion of their hitpoints once all the enemies near them are dead and a little bit of time passes.

Using a Extra Recovery will fully recover a Companion's health and mana.

While a Companion is in your party, you have a few basic combat commands you give them via the dialogue box. You can tell them to not to fight at all, fight only enemies that have attacked them, fight nearby enemies, or all enemies in sight. You can also have them wait at a spot, allowing you to explore further ahead. Adjusting your Companions battle orders is useful in maximizing the benefit of your Companion.

Companions can teleport to you to you catch up if you get too far away from them. They will also teleport to you when you leave a map.

If dismissed from the party, a Companion can be found at their waiting spot. Adaon is found in the north-west corner of New Garand. Grissenda is found in Kingsbridge. Hirge is found either near the street alter in New Garand, or inside the New Garand temple (Complete the quest Three vs. Eleven changes her waiting spot to the temple). If you have a house, all three Companions can be found waiting in your house. This can make switching Companions a lot easier.

Video showing battle commands for a Companion:

Battle Orders for the companion Grissenda

Hired Party Members / Mercenaries

Hired Party Members, aka Mercenaries, are NPC's randomly encountered around the world. They can be found in towns, or on the road. They will offer to join your party a fee. Unlike Main Companions, Mercenaries die permanently when their hitpoints reach zero. You also can't alter their equipment or give them battle orders. They can't use items either. Mercenaries will simply follow your party around and attack nearby enemies. You can recruit a mercenary while you have a Companion in your party. Mercenaries are often too weak to justify expensive fee.

The procedure for getting help from a hired companion.

Summoned Party Member

Summoned party members are the creatures the player calls into brief existence via a scroll or spell. Summon Creatures will fight along side your party until they are killed or their time runs out. A player has no control over the equipment or battle orders of a summoned creature. Your party can only have one summoned creature at a time. Summoning a second creature will replace the first one. A summoned creature's strength depends on the spell or scroll that summons it.

The following are the summoned companions:

Quest NPC's / Quest Related Party Members

Quest Related Party Members are the NPC's that join your party for specific quests. Quest Related Party Members can join your party regardless if you have the other member types. You can give limited battle orders to Quest Related Party Members, have no control over their equipment, and Quest Related Party Members almost always permanently die when their hitpoints reach zero, often failing a quest. The two exemptions of this are Zilda, and Breno. Those two will respawn like a Companion when they are in your party. Most of the time a Quest NPC joins your party, it's during a rescue or escort type mission. Keeping the NPC alive may prove to be the hardest part of the quest as they are often far weaker than your character and nearby enemies.

The following are quest companions: