Game Mechanics

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This page provides an overview on various aspects of the basic game mechanics of Exiled Kingdoms, including in-depth mathematical background of certain features. Choose one of the following topics to learn more:

  • Armor - What Armor means and how it affects your defense in combat.
  • Beast Attributes - Description of the different attributes of monsters and other enemies.
  • Combat - General combat dynamics.
  • Environment - Traps found in the world.
  • Experience Points (XP) - How XP can be earned from various actions in the game.
  • Item Attributes - Description of the different attributes of weapons and other items.
  • Item Drops - Statistical aspects of finding rare items.
  • Level - Description of basic Level mechanics.
  • Proc Effects - List of on-hit effects and the monsters that trigger them.
  • Reputation - List of reputation levels and checks.
  • Resistances - What Resistances mean and how they affect your defense in combat.
  • Rumors - A list of rumours that Gossip can find in the game.
  • Secrets - How to find secrets.
  • Storage - How and where to store your equipment.

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