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Gold... the generic term for any of the various currencies and coinage used throughout the world.


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Things to buy

You have a lot of money and don't know what to do with it? Here is a list of the most expensive things in the game:

  • For 5,000 gold, you can learn skills from various trainers (up to 8).
  • Donate 5,000, 20,000, 50,000, 100,000, and 250'000 gold at the special shrine in The Hall of Wisdom and get 2,500 xp; 10,000 xp; 20,000 xp; 30,000 xp and 1 trait point; and 50,000 xp and 1 skill point, respectively.

Things to sell

Some items have a finite amount of use and can be sold thereafter. As it is not always obvious what is still needed, here is a list:

Item Value Where it is used first
Red pelt.png Bear Pelt 50
Carapace blue.png Chitin Carapace 50 Quest: Shielding the Mind (4 pieces)
Grey pelt.png Damaged Wolf Pelt 12 (20 from Varannari Hunters Quest: Ancient Verses (1 late in the game). You can also earn 100 xp, +2 reputation with Varannari, -1 with Sydarun, and -1 with Mercia by giving one to Ruun, just outside Sydarun.
Red scale.png Fire Drake Scale 100 Quest: Turning the Scales (5 pieces)
Red substance.png Fire Salts 62 Quests: Three versus Eleven and Where is Amarisa? (13 total)
Pearl ico.png Pearl 212 Quests: Honor among Thieves and The Master's Laboratory (6 total)
Gem ruby2.png Ruby 212 Quests: Ancient Verses and Honor among Thieves (3 total, late in the game)
Gem sapphire2.png Sapphire 175 Quest: Honor among Thieves (1 late in the game)
Gem emerald1.png Small Emerald 100 (200 from Orduc of Solliga)
Gem ruby1.png Small Ruby 62
Gem sapphire1.png Small Sapphire 75