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There are five primary weapon categories: 2-handed, hand, light, ranged, and off-hand. Weapon types other than 'hand' (the default weapon category) are displayed in light blue on the Character Sheet, along with Weapon Attributes.


These weapons are heavy and primarily require Strength. Warriors can wield all 2-handed weapons and get the Two Handed Expert skill whereas Clerics can only use mauls and get better results with the Arbenos' Might skill. Use of 2-handed weapons prevents the use of a shield though one can be equipped in readiness for a weapon change.


One-handed weapons, or just hand weapons for short, are of average weight but require some martial training to use. This is the 'default' category of weapons, if a weapon doesn't have a different weapon-type listed then it's hand. These weapons benefit equally from Strength and Agility. As a general rule Warriors can use any of these weapons, Rogues can use longswords and axes, and Clerics can use maces. The only skill that requires a hand weapon (along with a shield) is the advanced Warrior skill Infantry Training.


These weapons are very light and primarily require Agility. Warriors can wield the greatest range though several are exclusively Rogue. Clerics can use hammers and several daggers, Mages can also use numerous daggers and is the only melee weapon they can equip. Warriors and Rogues can learn the powerful Flurry light-weapon advanced skill.


These weapons are bulky, bows and staves require two hands to use though wands are one-handed and can be used in conjunction with some shields or an Orb. Warriors, Rogues and Mages can learn the advanced skill Precision Shots, Warriors and Rogues can learn Rapid Fire. Rogues alone can learn Archery whilst the Mage can learn both Staff Mastery and Wand Mastery.


These weapons are used in conjunction with hand or light weapons. Many are for Rogues alone, but Warriors can use several. An off-hand weapon with a Fire enchantment will kill Trolls. If not utilising an off-hand weapon all classes can have shield options, and Mages can equip an Orb.