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In your hour of most need, the Gods intercede to save your life. When you are injured down to death, all your remaining mana is spent, and you are healed.
― In-game text

Description needed


War Rog Cle Mag


Level Effect Cost
1 You are healed for 2 HP for each mana point you had left 1
2 You are healed for 4 HP for each mana point you had left 1
3 You are healed for 8 HP for each mana point you had left 1

Enemies Using this Skill

Name Type Level XP Health Armor Damage DPS Resistances


  • IMPORTANT: When taking damage that activates Intervention, the extra damage is still applied. So with one health and one mana, with Intervention 3, if you take 7 damage, you will end up with 2 health. If this decreases your health to zero, you will not die.
  • If your health drops to zero through removing armor or the Intervention mechanic above, you will die the next time you take damage, even with mana and Intervention. You must increase your health above zero to take damage and survive.
  • After Intervention triggers all buffs (positive and negative) are removed, e.g. Arbenos' Might and Stun.