Lady of the Night

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Side Quest: Lady of the Night
Lady of the Night.png
Starting Location
Icemist (City)
Given By
Captain Torden
Give the heart to Lady of the Night:
Amulet of Dark Whispers ♦ 5,000 XP

Give the heart to Captain Torden:
Phantom Longsword ♦ 9,000 XP

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Lady of the Night is a quest given to you by Captain Torden at Icemist (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 84 - Completable

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Quest Steps

  1. Talk to Captain Torden
  2. Choose to touch the Lady of the Night (statue)
  3. Go to the ruins in northeast of Icemist Fjord
  4. Loot Amulet of Whispers from a corpse
  5. Bring it back to the Lady of the Night (statue)
  6. (Optional) Report to Captain Torden
  7. Go to Desecrated Ruins (find secret room in northwest corner)
  8. Choose to kiss small statue's hand to activate the bridge
  9. Loot Beating Heart from it's chest
  10. Choose to deliver it to the Lady of the Night (statue) or to Captain Torden


Icemist (City)Icemist FjordIcemist (City)Desecrated RuinsIcemist (City)

Detailed Walkthrough

1. Ask Captain Torden in NW Icemist about the big winged statue, he tells you it's called 'Lady of the Night', an ancient artifact recovered from ruins in north.

2. Touch the statue, and you will hear two words clearly: 'North' and 'Amulet'

3. Go to the ruins northeast of Icemist Fjord, behind one of the pillars is a corpse holding the Amulet of Whispers. Take the amulet and return to the statue.

4. With the amulet on, touch the statue once again. This time, you will be told to bring Lady of the Night her remains that are currently located in west, and also to kiss her hand for luck.

4.1 (Optional): Talk to Captain Torden and tell him about the remains, he will then tell you to bring them to him instead.

5. Go to Desecrated Ruins in the western part of Deepfrost Glacier.

6. In the northeast and northwest rooms, there are secret doors leading to a snowy part of the dungeon with Yetis and another statue.

7. Interact with the statue and choose to kiss her hand to open a passage leading to yet another statue with a sarcophagus, guarded by a Lich (Desecrated Ruins).

8. Loot the sarcophagus. It contains: Beating Heart, Ruby Key with number 5, Scroll: Circle of Restoration, and Scroll: Turn Undead.

9. Make your way back to Icemist. Here you have two options:

9.1 Give the heart to Captain Torden: He will immediately destroy it, which spawns a lvl 16 Night Lord and blocks the way out of the room, so the only way out is fighting the monster. Captain Torden is lvl 17, so he is very unlikely to die. The Night Lord drops a Phantom Longsword, after beating him, you also get to keep the Amulet of Whispers, gain 10 000XP and a reputation bump with Thuram.

9.2 Wear the Amulet of Whispers and press the heart into the statue: An ancient Varannari witch, the most powerful of the Witches of Orogg named Syllara, emerges from the statue and tells you your paths will cross again before she dissolves into mist. This path transforms the Amulet of Whispers into the Amulet of Dark Whispers, destroying it in the process. It also gives you 5 000 XP and no reputation changes whatsoever.


Quest Rewards

Give the heart to Lady of the Night:


Give the heart to Captain Torden:



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  • If you give the heart to Lady of the Night, Captain Torden will disappear, and you will get a rumor in taverns afterwards that "Something is rotten in Icemist. People are disappearing every night."
  • This quest involves very little fighting. As long as you can defeat the Yetis, you don't have to beat the Lich to get to the beating heart. You can complete this in favor of Syllara as early as level 15, giving you stun immunity very early in the game.