Lost in a Good Book

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Guild Quest: Lost in a Good Book
Lost in a Good Book.png
Starting Location
Freetown (City)
Given By
Arkados the Blind
Retrieve the Winter Rations:
1500 XP (700 from Glunk, 800 from Arkados the Blind) ♦ 500 gold

Kill the giants but Sulidar dies:
200 XP

Kill the giants and Sulidar lives:
800 XP ♦ 500 gold

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Lost in a Good Book is a quest given to you by Arkados the Blind at Freetown (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 64 - Completable

The Seventh House sent an initiate into the The Grey Library after a book and he has not been heard back from. Since you are not recognized in the library, you can go in and find out what happened.

Quest Steps

  1. You must complete Smugglers in the Night. Talk to Niruh in Freetown to get access to The Seventh House (Freetown)
  2. Speak with Arkados the Blind about work.
  3. Find the Icy Tome in the The Grey Library. Read from it and...
  4. Get teleported to the Wyvern Mountains and meet 2 reformed hill giants who have captured the Initiate Sulidar.
  5. Deal with the giants and free the Initiate.
  6. Return to Freetown and speak to Arkados the Blind.


Freetown (City)The Grey LibraryGlunkXialdar CaveGlunkSulidarArkados the Blind

Detailed Walkthrough

Arkados the Blind is the skills trainer in the Freetown Thieves Guild House. He sends you after a young initiate who went into the The Grey Library to get a book. He can't go because he will be recognized, so you get the honors. Unless you are already a guild member, you will need to do this to be able to learn his skills. This requires a positive reputation with the Golden Hand since they control the library, or a fight to get in the door. Once in the library, go to the right and search for hidden doors. The first leads to a room guarded by librarians and holds a necromancy tome, a trait tome, and some scrolls. Find the hidden door in this room and continue until you find the Icy Tome. Read from it, and ...

You are teleported to the Wyvern Mountains where you meet 2 reformed hill giants, Glunk and Brogg who have captured the initiate Sulidar. There are at least 2 outcomes here. You can choose to fight the giants (needs details) or you can talk to them. Turns out that much like the sharks in Finding Nemo, they are trying really hard not to eat people anymore. Instead, they gathered up a bunch of fruit and nuts for the winter. However the food was stolen and now they are hungry. You can get it back for them.

Head just north to the Xialdar Cave and find the bag of fruit and nuts in a barrel in the northwest chamber of the cave. This involves fighting White Wolves, Hobgoblins, Icy Drakes, and other worse things in other parts of the cave if you choose to explore. Return the bag to the giants, and they will let Sulidar go and you get 700xp. After talking to Sulidar, he will find his own way back.

If you fight, Sulidar is likely to die quickly. Keeping him alive is hard and will probably require healing potions and some kind of stun effect to get the giants to retarget. You'll get the same reward as retrieving the rations minus 700 XP. The giants drop normal Hill Giant loot.

Either way, go and talk to Arkados the Blind clear back in Freetown.


Quest Rewards

Retrieve the Winter Rations:



Kill the giants but Sulidar dies:


  • 200 XP


Kill the giants and Sulidar lives:


  • 800 XP
  • 500 gold


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