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Quests are the primary method of advancing the storyline and developing a deeper connection with the Kingdoms. Some quests are required to progress further in the game by opening new areas or unlocking secrets. The best way to discover more quests throughout the Kingdoms is to talk with everyone you meet. You keep track of your quests through the journal, available in your Character Sheet. See the Quest Table for an overview on all quests in the same order as they appear therein.

Story Quests

Companion Quests

Guild Quests

Side Quests

* New quest added in the latest release.

Town Hall Quests

There are a total of 158 Town Hall quests spread over the four Kingdoms (three, really, as Thuram currently has no Town Hall Quests). The selection of available quests at any given Town Hall is random, as is the time left to complete, and the spawn point of the quest target. If you do not accept a quest and it expires at the Town Hall it will eventually resurface, but if you accept the quest and fail it will be gone forever. Therefore it makes sense only to pick quests you believe you can reasonably complete in the time-frame (remember you have to return to the same Town Hall to collect your reward). Each Kingdom has its own special quests with rewards of Gold, Reputation, sometimes rare Items, and of course, Experience Points for your character.

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