Random Encounters

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This page will host the various random encounters you may find in your travels throughout the Isle of Varannar. There are multiple spawn points on most maps, with most spawn points being near roads between towns. For Rumor Bosses, many have spawn points in dungeons as well.

Travelling Merchants

Non-Combative Encounters

Combative Encounters

Combat Decided Based on Your Choices Encounters

Rumor Bosses

Rumor Bosses start spawning once your character has reached a certain Level (the level requirement is indicated in parentheses in the list below). On average it seems 1 to 3 rumor boss can spawn per hour of gameplay, but that exact mechanic isn't known. Buying drinks at taverns gives you a chance to learn about any rumors, based on your Gossip skill (or your Companion's Gossip Skill, if higher). The first successful roll will tell you the type of monster and the time left to find it. Each successful roll after that will give increasingly more details about its location.

  • First rumor heard: general region, e.g. Northern Varsilia, Eastern Mercia, Wildlands.
  • Second rumor heard: single map, e.g. Northwest Sagar Forest, Thyr Ridges etc.
  • Third rumor heard: location in the map. southwest corner by the hills, -or- the dungeon in the map.
  • Fourth rumor heard: location inside the dungeon (if applicable), e.g. In Groz Lair, to the northwest.

Note: Rumor bosses can spawn behind secret doors, and will appear even if you don't know about them. That can lead to some unexpected surprises as you stumble across a Rumor Boss unexpectedly.

Rumor Boss Types (and level at which they start to appear).

Rumor bosses have names randomized from a list.

Humanoid names: Gumku, Xongor, Thukpe, Bartug, Orgash, Morog, Lofdar, Ximbair, Dorthog, Kurtag, Omdu, Niithul, Uurda, Knedur, Thulgash, Radabur, Tromkah, Duuguth

Humanoid titles: the Scourge, the Devourer, Bone-eater, Bloodfangs, the Vile, of the North, the Sacrilegous, the Tormentor, Skin-peeler, the Dark, the Horned One, the Nightmare, the Destroyer, Deathspawn, the Reckless, the Crusher, Smallhead, the Cannibal

Beast names: Gloop, Murdax, Nemto, Lortw, Xumua, Rauze, Kleeho, Jamru, Keena, Afurt

Lich names: Gillorg, Mazdhu, Occno, Blofix, Gridorg, Ursun, Glibra, Dexxor, Xedoc, Komg

Dragon names: Baliarthix, Tesselthadyr, Kaledrath, Kelorthigax, Nivafraxis, Ursiladaryn, Tarrdynaxyl, Gronidartur, Thelkumassar, Saddanilakamir, Soradarth, Grikanamon, Dekalatroth, Forzarhyntar, Okardaxys, Yntolarzos, Xyldaraknamis, Glotandaran, Durstandavyr, Waroklys

Location Notes

Random encounters are most frequently found on roads between cities. The road from Rhöneis to Nivarian always has two random encounters, so if you are looking for a specific random encounter, this is a good place to check.

Rumor Bosses can appear on world maps, or in dungeons. This includes appearing behind secret doors you haven't discovered yet.

Rumor Conflict

The game has several types of rumors. Rumors about Rumor Bosses, rumors about Town Hall Quests, Rumors that give small hints about quests, and rumors that just offer background to the game. Sometimes you can use up your Gossip time learning about rumors that aren't important. This is especially true if you're on a Town Hall Quest with a tight deadline.