The Lost Explorer

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Side Quest: The Lost Explorer
The Lost Explorer.png
Starting Location
Lannegar (City)
Given By
Captain Whitewater
Return Teram to town:
Potion of Light Healing ♦ 100 gold ♦ 140 XP
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The Lost Explorer is a quest given to you by Captain Whitewater at Lannegar (City).

Quest Overview

Quest #: 2 - Completable

Teram, a scout, was sent to the abandoned Lannegar Mine west of Lannegar. He hasn't returned, and Captain Whitewater needs someone to find out what happened to him. The soldiers are unable to leave the defense of the town, so Captain Whitewater asks that you help locate him.

Quest Steps

  1. (You must complete Goblin Hunt to unlock this quest.)
  2. Accept the quest and head to the mine.
  3. Locate Teram.
  4. Find the release lever.
  5. Speak with Teram and escort him home.
  6. Get rewarded by Captain Whitewater.


Lannegar (City)Lannegar ValleyCaptain Whitewater

Detailed Walkthrough

Captain Whitewater is in a tight spot. One of his scouts went to the Lannegar Mine a while back, and has yet to return. The men of his garrison can't afford to leave the town undefended, but Teram can't be left to die. Since you have experience handling Goblins, maybe you can help, for a reward of course.

Follow the old path to the mine, with special care when approaching the entrance as it is guarded by two goblins. Clear out the first area of goblins, grabbing the loot from two containers in different corners. Head into the hall to the west, and turn south when you can. You will see Teram locked in a cage. When you speak with him, he will tell you there is no key and must be a mechanism to release the door.

Back to the north, head into the small passage and at the end, go to the right. Fight your way through the goblins, being cautious of a bear trap where the path bends. The lever you are looking for in all the way to the north. Once its been activated, head back to Teram and free him.

The return to Lannegar and the Captain is uneventful, although it is convenient to have cleared up all the goblins in the way, to avoid the risk of Teram dying on the way. Captain Whitewater will reward you with a Potion of Light Healing, some gold, and experience. Your reputation in Lannegar and Varsilia will increase as well.


Trait Checks

The following Trait checks are associated with this quest. Those marked with Decisive.png are mandatory for achieving certain outcomes or rewards which can not be accomplished otherwise.

Trait RequirementNPC / ObjectArea Description
Personality 1Captain WhitewaterLannegar (City) Needed for unlocking some additional dialogue options, either yielding 40 Gold or 40 XP extra.

Quest Rewards

Return Teram to town:



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  • Prior to accepting the job, pass a Level 1 Personality check to gain an extra 40 gold, or 40 XP, depending on dialogue choices.
  • Teram can be asked for a reason to help him. This will net you a Small Ruby, but costs 2 Lannegar and 1 Varsilia reputation. This path also results in not getting the reputation rewards from the quest.
  • Captain Whitewater will give information on the next sequence in A Mysterious Letter: Adaon has likely headed to Kingsbridge.